Watch “Atlanta” Episode 9: ‘Juneteenth’

"Atlanta" Season 1 Episode 9 aired on FX Tuesday night (Oct. 25). In this episode, "Juneteenth," Earn and Van begrudgingly attend a Juneteenth party hosted by a black woman and...

The Walking Dead Fans Threaten to Stop Watching After Brutal Season 7 Premiere

The episode was so violent and tough to watch, many viewers are saying they’ve finally had enough.

Dreamworld Accident: Things to Know About 4 People Killed at Australian Theme Park

Four people were killed Tuesday on the Thunder River Rapids Ride at Dreamworld, Australia's biggest theme park, located on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Greenville, S.C. Police Shoot “African-American Male” Suspect Armed With Knife Near Rehab Center

Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting in Greenville, South Carolina.