A video has gone viral showing the moment a Black man used a can of Twisted Tea to slap the life out of a white man who thought it was OK for him to say the n-word over and over again.

The incident unfolded inside a convenience store in Ohio last week, Daily Dot reports.

Apparently, the unidentified white man—who appeared to be EXTREMELY inebriated—had said the n-word before the video started rolling and was being confronted by the Black man who looked to be in the process of purchasing a number of items, including a can of Twisted Tea—an alcoholic beverage.

“I’ma say n***a all day, every day. Are you kidding me?! … You a clown n***a! On God, nigga, you a clown, n***a!” the drunk white man said to the Black man, who then proceeded to grab a Twisted Tea and pondered over whether or not to use it.

“What? You gonna smack me with that?” the drunk (and apparently stupid as well) white man asked. “Smack me with it. Smack me! Smack me, n***a!”

After the Black man mistakenly dropped the Twisted Tea can on the ground while trying to flip it over in his hand, the white man tried to kick it and missed, hitting the product display below the cash register, which then set off a physical confrontation that started with the can making contact with the side of the white man’s face and ended with the white man on the ground being punched in the head repeatedly by the Black man.

I guess you can say the Black guy literally opened up a can of whoop-ass on the white guy, amirite?

After the footage went viral, Twitter did what it does best and memed the hell out of the situation, making “Twisted Tea” become a worldwide trending topic in the process.

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