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Black Hotel Worker Calmly Gathers White Woman Who Called Him the N-Word: “It’s Above Me Now, There’s a Best Western Next Door”

A black hotel worker's interaction with a racist, n-word-using white woman went viral on Twitter yesterday and ended up making "The Best Western" a trending topic Monday morning (Jun 4).

Rick Fox Leaves His Own Esports Company After Racist Shareholder Called Him the N-Word

Rick Fox intends to leave Echo Fox, an esports organization he owns, because a shareholder of the company has repeatedly used the N-word verbally and in emails.

Shocking 911 Calls Released After Woman’s Racist Rant at Grocery Store: “I Called Him a Ni***r Because He Called Me a Bitch”

Corinne Terrone, the white woman who was caught on camera cursing, screaming the n-word and spitting at black people in an East Haven, Connecticut supermarket made even more racist comments while reporting the incident to police.

White Woman Loses Job After Video Shows Her Calling Black People Ni***rs & Spitting at Them in Grocery Store

A Connecticut woman who was caught on video hurling racial slurs at a black couple and spitting at them has reportedly lost her job after the footage went viral on social media.

Bette Midler Apologizes for Tweeting “Women Are the N-Word of the World”

Bette Midler has apologized for a controversial tweet that sparked outrage on the social media platform last week.

Netflix PR Chief Jonathan Friedland Fired After Using N-Word in Meetings

Netflix has fired its top communications spokesman after the longtime company exec was caught using the N-word on two separate occasions during meetings.

Tabbie Duncan: Fast Facts About Racist Missouri Waitress Fired Over “N**ger Hunting” Video

Tabitha "Tabbie" Duncan has been fired from her job at St. Louis restaurant and is facing outrage on social media just hours after a video of her using the n-word was posted to Snapchat and re-shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

YouTube Star Jake Paul Under Fire After Repeatedly Saying N-Word in Leaked Freestyle Rap Video

Jake’s controversy comes just days after older brother Logan Paul was globally shamed after posting a hanging dead body in Japan’s “Suicide Forest.”

WATCH: Black News Anchor Claps Back at Racist Viewer Who Called Her a “N**ger”

Within minutes of receiving a racist email, anchor Sharon Reed read the note live on-air. She then looked into the camera and directly addressed Kathy Rae, delivering one of the classiest (and best) clapbacks of 2017.

Protesters Celebrate Dairy Queen Closure After Owner Called Woman & Her Children “Ni***rs”

What was supposed to be a protest turned into a celebration when a Dairy Queen in Zion, Illinois was closed after the owner hurled a racial slur at a black woman and her children.

Arian Foster Goes At It With College Students After Being Called the N-Word

The altercation apparently started when Foster made a crack about a local college kid's shoes.

White Privilege Wins Again: Racist Miss Teen USA Allowed to Keep Crown Despite Heavy Backlash

Miss Teen USA apparently thinks it’s OK to be racist. The pageant organization will not take away the crown from 2016 winner Karlie Hay...

Watch: Three Young White Girls Drop N-Word While Rapping Offbeat

A video getting around the Internet of three young white girls freestyling extremely offbeat and using the N-word will most likely piss you off...

Justin Bieber Apologizes for Saying Racist Joke: “I’m VERY Sorry…”

On Sunday morning (Jun 1), TMZ and the UK's Sun released years-old video footage of a young-looking Justin Bieber telling a "racist" joke to...

Madonna Lands Herself in Hot Water After Calling Her Son “#DisNigga” on Instagram

No matter how many celebrities get burned by it, white musicians and actors just can't seem to avoid uttering the n-word in public. While you'd...

Oprah Winfrey: Don’t Use The N-Word ‘Round Me!

If you ever become fortunate enough to be bestie's with Oprah Winfrey, you mustn't ever use the word "n***er" or any variation in her...

Ciara on Paula Deen and the N-Word: “It’s All About the Context, and How You Say It”

You've really got to hand it to Ciara: She is out here promoting herself better than she has in a really, really long time....

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