A black hotel worker’s interaction with a racist, n-word-using white woman went viral on Twitter yesterday and ended up making the “Best Western” a trending topic Monday morning (Jun 4).

It all started Sunday night when Twitter user Craig NoFridayy (@craignofridayy) posted a video showing him going back and forth with a customer at the hotel where he works in Texas.

The woman doesn’t say the n-word in the video, but the guy mentions a phone call in which she uses the racial slur, which he says gives him grounds to refuse service to her.

“I need to stay here. My mother died,” the woman can be heard begging off camera.

Craig responds: “I understand that but you calling me a f**king n***er.”

The woman then apologized multiple times, but Craig reminded her that she didn’t have that same energy on the phone when she was calling him an “effing n-word.”

He also remained calm and didn’t lose his cool as he got the woman together and told her “it’s above me now,” advised her to try “the Best Western next door” and sent her along her way, becoming a whole Twitter meme in the process.

“It’s above me now” is our new petty passive-aggressive response to people after they get out of pocket and realize they need you later, like N-Word Nancy here.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, Craig still has his job, he says, according to the person who is literally above him—his General Manager:

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