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Fight Breaks Out at Embassy Suites in Atlanta, Hotel Employee Beats Guest With Phone & Rips Her Wig Off (VIDEO)

A vicious brawl broke out at an Atlanta hotel between an employee and a guest ... and it all was captured on video.

Ohio Woman Says She Woke Up to a Strange Man in Her Dominican Republic Hotel Room & Had to Fight Him Off

Amid multiple scary reports from the Dominican Republic, an Ohio woman named Elda Shepherd says she woke up to a strange man in her hotel room who didn't speak English, and she was forced to fight him off to save her life.

Black Hotel Worker Calmly Gathers White Woman Who Called Him the N-Word: “It’s Above Me Now, There’s a Best Western Next Door”

A black hotel worker's interaction with a racist, n-word-using white woman went viral on Twitter yesterday and ended up making "The Best Western" a trending topic Monday morning (Jun 4).

South Carolina Man Arrested For Taking A Sh*t In Hotel Lobby

South Carolina police arrested a man for taking a big ol' dump in the middle of a hotel lobby floor. According to reports, 31-year-old Ronnie...

Pure Craziness: Fireworks Set 5-Star, 70-Story Luxury Hotel in China ON FIRE!!!

When playing with fireworks in China goes wrong.... Read the full story below: A fire set off by fireworks to celebrate the Lunar New Year destroyed...

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