A black female doctor who was bullied by Tiffany Haddish and other “celebrities” on Clubhouse after she corrected their COVID misinformation has reportedly been hospitalized after she tried to commit suicide.

According to a number of social media reports, Tiffany Haddish, Joe Budden, celebrity blogger Jason Lee, and Instagram activist Chaka Bars were harassing several Black doctors on Clubhouse Wednesday (Jan. 13), and even shared their personal information online.

Via Aceshowbiz:

Someone claimed that Chaka and other “ignorant celebs” attacked professional medics and started spreading conspiracy theory, saying that the government invented COVID-19 and social distancing so satellites could do facial recognition.

While there’s still no evidence to confirm what they said on the chat room, some people took to Twitter to blast the stars.

People also called for an action from the app, as one tweeted, “Hey @joinClubhouse – there is a room called ‘CH Bullying’ full of celebrities and conspiracy theorists who are plotting to dox several black doctors by sharing their social media accounts to several thousand people. Can you please step in? #CHBullying.”

“Chakabars, Tiffany Haddish, Jason Lee and other ‘celebrities’ are plotting in a clubhouse room to take down a young black woman doctor and they even said ‘ruin her life’. They are sharing her details in a group chat. How is this allowed @joinClubhouse? #chbullying,” another person similarly wrote.

When someone else tried to refute the claims, the user further insisted, “I have ears! Tiffany said she’s going to take this girl down and they said they’re sharing her details in a group chat. How is this fair? This is not another celebrity.”

Noting how dangerous the move was, one user said, “Chakabars is getting his 1 million followers to attack a Black woman because Black doctors got his account suspended for misinformation. This guy is a monster. It’s petrifying.”

Meanwhile, Tiffany responded to the allegations on her Twitter account. Refusing to call it a bullying, the “Girls Trip” actress wrote, “Now People on clubhouse saying I am bullying because I just told the truth.”

She went on saying, “There is a special place in Gods Kingdom for people that like to lie and make up stories on other people,” adding that, “Funny how some people can’t handle the truth!”

This is just … wow.

Prayers up to the girl who was harassed and we’re hoping for a speedy recovery.

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