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Black Female Doctor Bullied on Clubhouse by Tiffany Haddish & Others Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt

A black female doctor who was bullied by Tiffany Haddish and other "celebrities" on Clubhouse after she corrected their COVID misinformation has reportedly been hospitalized after she tried to commit suicide.

WATCH: Joe Budden Admits He Likes to Jerk Dogs Off to Make Them Feel Good, Twitter Reacts

How far would you go to make your dog feel good? Apparently, Joe Budden will go as far as masturbating his!

Remy Ma Says Fat Joe Can Use the N-Word Because “He’s Black, Like, That’s It. Period.”

Although Black people and Latinx people have commingled and collaborated on urban culture for decades, a divide remains on whether Latin people can use the n-word. This debate was recently sparked again with some comments from Fat Joe.

Remy Ma Defends Nicki Minaj Cursing Joe Budden Out on Queen Radio, Says She Would’ve Done the Same Thing

Wayment! What the hell is going on?! Are we living in an alternate universe? Has hell frozen over? Quick! Look outside ... ARE PIGS FLYING?!

Nicki Minaj Hollers at Joe Budden, Curses Him Out & Cuts Off His Mic During Queen Radio Interview

It got real hot and ugly when Nicki Minaj confronted Joe Budden about a few THANGS he said about her on his various shows over the years.

Engagement Off? Cyn Santana Has Deleted All Traces of Joe Budden From Instagram & They’ve Unfollowed Each Other

The relationship troubles that have been haunting Joe Budden and Cyn Santana may have come to a head as the two have unfollowed each other on social media and Cyn has deleted any trace of him from her IG.

WATCH: Ashanti & Joe Budden Have Heated Debate Over Stripper Jokes He Made At Her Expense

Ashanti was most definitely ready to confront Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks about comments the two made about her onstage outburst when fans threw money at her like she was a stripper. And for a minute or two, things got a little tense.

Amber Rose & Joe Budden Pose Together in the Men’s Bathroom in the Name of Progress

Sometimes the best peace deals can be struck in the bathroom, but how did Amber Rose and Joe Budden end up in the same one?

Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Shut Down Joe Budden for Shading Their Relationship

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are not here for the shade. Former "Love & Hip Hop" star/rapper Joe Budden recently made some not-so-nice comments regarding...

Joe Budden Gets Sonned by Hollow Da Don in “Total Slaughter” Rap Battle

Damn son! Joe Budden may not be participating in any battle rapping for a while. Over the weekend, the "Love and Hip Hop New York" star...

“Love & Hip Hop” (New York) Reunion Part 2 Recap: Peter Gunz Finally Realizes What a Jerk He’s Been to Tara and Amina

If there's one thing we've learned from this year's season of "Love & Hip Hop", it's that Peter Gunz knows no limits when it...

Joe Budden is Done with Tahiry, Says He Will NEVER Propose to Her EVER Again

It's pretty obvious that Joe Budden feels some type of way about Tahiry not giving her his hand his marriage. The "Pump It Up" rapper...

“Love & Hip Hop (New York)” Recap: Tahiry Turns Down Joe Budden’s Marriage Proposal

Lauryn Hill said it best: "You might win some, but you really lost one." After attempting to win Tahiry back episode after episode, Joe thought...

“Love & Hip Hop (New York)” Recap: Erica Mena’s Loyalty to Rich Dollaz Threatens Her Lesbian Relationship

Reality shows thrive on the drama that love triangles bring and with its ratings in the toilet, "Love & Hip Hop (New York)" was...

“Love & Hip Hop” (New York) Recap: Tara Tells Amina that Peter Is Still Hittin’ It

Life in America can be a rough transition for immigrants. Think of Eddie Murphy’s character from “Coming to America” and all of his struggles. So...

“Love & Hip Hop” (New York) Recap: Tara Wallace Puts Peter Gunz Out for Good

Fooled me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me for 13 years? Damn, that's a dumbass bitch. Tara Wallace has...

The 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards Cyphers Everyone’s Talking About

Let's be honest. The best part of the BET Hip Hop Awards -- other than Snoop Dogg, err Uncle Snoop, hosting this year! Love that...

Watch: “Love & Hip Hop (New York)” Season 4 Sneak Peak

"Love & Hip Hop (New York)" is back for its fourth season, set to premiere later this month, and VH1 has released a teaser...

“Love & Hip Hop” Reunion Recap: Rashidah Calls Mendeecees Out For His Little Manhood

Rashidah, aka Clifford the Big Red Dog, wasn't much of a presence during the third season of "Love and Hip Hop," but she sure...

“Love & Hip Hop” Recap: Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz Close Their Chapter, Joe and Tahiry Start a New One

If Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena actually traded blows, they'd be the new Ike and Tina Turner. Or rather, the older version of Chris...

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