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20-Year-Old Man Commits Suicide After Being Bullied for Dating a Transgender Woman

Maurice "Reese Him Daddie" Willoughby reportedly took his own life after battling depression and constantly defending his relationship with a transgender woman named Faith.

Activists Demand Justice for Black Trans Woman Found Dead in Rikers Island Jail Cell

The hashtag #JusticeForLayleen is trending on social media as people around the country around the family of Layleen Cubilette-Polanco, a 27-year-old black trans woman who was found dead in her jail cell on Rikers Island last week.

Young Buck’s Alleged Transgender Ex Releases Diss Track While 50 Cent Points & Laughs on Instagram

A transgender woman is dragging Young Buck's name through the mud, reigniting rumors that Young Buck sleeps with transgender women. Meanwhile, 50 Cent pokes fun at Young Buck's misery for Instagram hearts.

Viral Video Shows Transgender Customer Threatening GameStop Employee After Being Called “Sir”

Video footage showing a transgender person going HAM on a GameStop employee for misgendering them has gone viral online.

Bobby V Outted For Another Sexual Encounter With Transwoman Brandi “Barbie” Clark?

After making the rounds on social media for getting caught with his pants down with a transwoman, report of Bobby's lust for translove surfaces in yet ANOTHER alleged encounter.

Charlamagne Tha God Condemns Violence Against Transwomen After Laughing at Lil Duval’s Transphobic Comments

After being dragged on social media for laughing at violent transphobic comments by comedian Lil Duval, and being called out by transgender activist Janet Mock, Charlamagne Tha God publicly denounces violence against trans people.

“Reima Houston” (aka Aaron McCorkle): Meet Bobby V’s Trans Accuser Who Has a Whole Lotta Mugshots

Everything you need to know about Reima Houston (aka Aaron McCorkle), mugshots and all.

Lil Scrappy Asks the Internet to Keep His Name Out of Bobby V’s Tranny Mess

Just in case y'all were wondering, the "No Problems" rapper is not down with women who were born men.

Bobby V Admits It Was Him in Transgender Prostitute Video, Claims He’s Being Extorted & Didn’t Know She Was Transgender

The former R&B star was caught with his pants down (literally) but claims he's actually the victim.

Toxic Masculinity Causes Lil Duval to Make Violent Transphobic Comments: “I Don’t Care, She Dying!”

We all know comedians often walk a fine line with their jokes and commentary, and comedian Lil Duval crossed that fine line during a recent interview on The Breakfast Club when he went full transphobic and “joked” that he would kill a woman if he found out she was transgender after having sex with her.

Video Shows Bobby V Running Out of Transgender Sex Worker’s Apartment Without Paying

The singer was allegedly caught on video skipping out on the bill after a tryst with a transgender sex worker.

Donald Trump Bans Transgender People From Serving in the Military

The Commander-in-Cheeto announced (via Twitter, of course) that transgender people will NOT be allowed to serve in the military from this point forward.

Caitlyn Jenner Confirms Gender Confirmation Surgery & Explains Why You Should Never Ask Her About It Again

Caitlyn reconnected with Sawyer to discuss the ups and downs of life after her transition.

Caitlyn Jenner Reportedly Undergoes Gender Confirmation Surgery As Kris Jenner Continues to Struggle With Transition

Caitlyn Jenner has reportedly undergone sex reassignment surgery, also known as gender confirmation surgery, and she talks about it in her upcoming memoir "The Secrets of My Life."

Stacey Dash’s Solution for the Transgender Bathroom Debate: Let Them “Go in the Bushes”

Actress turned FOX correspondent Stacey Dash has come up with a way to keep those pesky, transgender pervs from ruining your always delightful public...

Bruce Springsteen Cancels North Carolina Concert Over Anti-LGBT Law

In a move that further shows the North Carolina LGBT community that they have friends in high places, Bruce Springsteen has canceled a show in...

Waka Flocka Flame Slams “Evil” Caitlyn Jenner: That’s the Devil Playing Tricks on Your Mind, Bruce!

Waka Flocka Flame is not a big fan of Caitlyn Jenner. Flocka recently stopped by "The Breakfast Club" and discussed being on good terms with...

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” Hires Transgender Model Amiyah Scott to Replace NeNe Leakes?

Well, this should be interesting... The producers of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" have reportedly found the perfect way to replace NeNe Leakes without causing...

Caitlyn Jenner Is Really Enjoying Her New Self

After revealing to the world that she's a transgender woman, Caitlyn Jenner is out, proud, and ready to show it all off. Here are...

So Long, Bruce: Meet Caitlyn Jenner on the Cover of Vanity Fair Magazine

Say goodbye to Bruce Jenner, and hello to Caitlyn Jenner, the cover star of the July 2015 issue of Vanity Fair magazine, which was revealed...

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