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Florida Rapper Dies After Window Falls on His Neck While He Was Trying to Break Into Home

The Lee County Sheriff's Office confirmed that 32-year-old Jonathan Hernandez died during the attempted burglary at a home in the southwestern Florida town of Leigh Acres Saturday (Dec. 12).

Hiker Falls to Her Death While Posing for Photo on Cliff to Celebrate End of Coronavirus Lockdown

A woman from Kazakhstan was reportedly killed after she fell more than 100 feet off a cliff in Turkey while posing for a photo to celebrate the end of the area's coronavirus lockdown.

Atlanta Woman Killed by Utility Pole Right After Surviving Car Accident

An Atlanta community is in mourning following the loss of a woman who was involved in what officials are calling "a very freak accidental death."

Woman Found Dead With 8-Foot Python Wrapped Around Her Neck in Home With 140 Snakes

An Indiana woman died in a freak accident after being found with an 8-foot python wrapped around her neck.

11-Year-Old Georgia Girl Killed When Hurricane Michael Sends Carport Leg Through Roof

11-year-old Sarah Radney from Georgia has been identified as one of seven people who have lost their lives so far as a result of Hurricane Michael. Here's what you need to know.

Monalisa Perez & Pedro Ruiz: Woman Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter After Shooting & Killing Boyfriend In YouTube Stunt Gone Wrong

Monalisa Perez took a plea deal that reduced a maximum (but unlikely) 10-year sentence to just 180 days in jail. The deal allows the 20-year-old and mother of two to serve 30 days per year behind bars for the next three years.

Dreamworld Accident: Things to Know About 4 People Killed at Australian Theme Park

Four people were killed Tuesday on the Thunder River Rapids Ride at Dreamworld, Australia's biggest theme park, located on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Actor Anton Yelchin of “Star Trek” Fame Dies in Freak Car Accident

Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin died Sunday morning (Jun 19) after a freak accident, in which he was pinned by his own car. According to...

Brownstone Singer Charmayne Maxwell Dies in Freak Accident While Drinking Wine

Singer Charmayne Maxwell, who was part of the 90's R&B group "Brownstone," died Friday night (Feb 27) in Los Angeles after a freak accident...

Illinois Teen Accidentally Shoots & Kills Himself While on FaceTime

A teenager from Lynwood, Illinois died after he accidentally killed himself while on Facetime with a friend. Police reportedly found 15-year-old Blake Hannett dead...

VIDEO: 9-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Kills Shooting Instructor with Uzi Machine Gun

A 9 year-old girl who was being taught how to "properly" fire an automatic Uzi machine gun accidentally killed her shooting instructor ... and...

Giraffe Dies After Hitting Head on Low-Hanging Bridge in South Africa

A giraffe has reportedly died after hitting its head on a low-hanging highway bridge in South Africa. The image above, taken by a Twitter user,...

Two Young Boys Hospitalized After “Bounce House” Gets Flung Into the Air by Wind Gust

A pair of young boys, aged 5 and 6, were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries after they were tossed out of a...

Oklahoma Man Killed Stepdad with “Atomic Wedgie”

A man from Oklahoma is facing murder charges after he allegedly killed his stepfather by giving him an "atomic wedgie" that was so severe...

Lifelong Atlanta Braves Fan Falls Over 60 Feet to His Death at Turner Field

A baseball fan who fell more than 60 feet from a platform in the upper level of Atlanta's Turner Field during a game Monday...

Woman Dies After Falling from Roller Coaster at Six Flags Over Texas

A woman died Friday evening after she fell out of a roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington. "My mom! My mom! Let...

Texas Teen Dies in Freak Accident While Playing Hide-and-Seek

A Texas woman named Judith Leseberg was out of town early Saturday morning (Jun 22) when she got a phone call that no mother...

Up to 60 People Injured After Car Drives Into Parade-Goers in Virginia

At least 50 to 60 people were injured after a car plowed through a group of hikers at a parade at a small town...

MTV “Buckwild” Star Shain Gandee Died of Accidental Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

According to authorities in West Virginia, Shain Gandee -- star of MTV's newest reality show "Buckwild" -- died of carbon monoxide poisoning Monday (Apr...

California High School Coach Dies After Freak Accident

A high school football coach from California died in a freak accident Monday night (Mar 4). The Sacramento Bee reports that Marion Adams --...

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