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LeBron James’ 15-Year-Old Son Bronny Goes Viral After Posting Video of Himself Smoking Weed

LeBron James' son Bronny has gone viral on social media after he accidentally posted a video of himself on Instagram appearing to smoke weed. The...

Illinois is Expunging Nearly 800,000 Marijuana Convictions Statewide After Legalizing Weed

Now that weed is legal in Illinois, Anyone who's ever been arrested and convicted for marijuana possession in the state will now be able to get that minor blemish removed from their criminal background.

Ben & Jerry’s Calls Out White Privilege on 4/20: “It’s Hard to Celebrate When People of Color Are Being Arrested”

Ben & Jerry's thinks that EVERYONE should be able to enjoy 4/20 without the fear of being arrested for marijuana possession.

Matthew McConaughey Got So High From Snoop Dogg’s Weed That He “Rapped for 13 Hours Straight”

Everyone knows that smoking weed with Snoop Dogg is horribly detrimental to one's sobriety. Just ask Matthew McConaughey, who got so high off the rapper's weed one time that he rapped for more than half a day ... or at least that's what Snoop says.

Regina Hall & Her Mom Accidentally Got Too High on Marijuana & Had to Go to the Hospital

Regina Hall and her mom ended up in the hospital one day after getting too high on marijuana.

Young King Dave Cause of Death: How Did the “I Got Loud” Guy Die?

While Young King Dave's official cause of death hasn't been revealed, according to his manager and childhood friend Chris Clemenza, he had been hospitalized for the past few weeks after suffering from a collapsed lung. Clemenza said YKD "died from complications during recovery."

Young King Dave, the Internet’s Most Famous Stoner, Dead at 19

Young King Dave, best known as one of the internet's most famous stoners, died Thursday (May 17) at the young age of 19 years old.

New Street Drug Called “Gutter Water” is Reportedly Killing People in Nigeria

There is a new drug that has hit the streets called "gutter water," and it took the life of a Nigerian man over the weekend. The drug is a combination of codeine, Rohypnol (aka "roofies"), tramadol, cannabis and water or juice.

Nelly Hosts “Opium Saturdays” at Opium Atlanta, Spotted Smoking Some of That Good Loud (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS & VIDEO FOOTAGE)

Nelly was spotted at Opium nightclub in Atlanta on Sat, Oct. 21 hosting their weekly "Opium Saturdays" series. Nelly hung out in VIP, popped some bottles and smoked on some of that good loud (i.e. weed, for the uninitiated).

Trace Amounts of Weed Found in Tiger Woods’ System on Night of DUI Arrest

The toxicology report from the golfer's May DUI arrest has been released and suggest he may have been smoking weed.

Caught on Camera: Was Malia Obama Smoking Weed at Lollapalooza?

LEAVE MALIA ALONE!!! *said in my best Britney Spears fan Chris Crocker voice* A video of Malia Obama from last month’s Lollapalooza has surfaced and...

Waka Flocka Flame Needed Medical Attention After Smoking Too Much Weed & Eating Too Many Edibles?

Waka Flocka Flame had way too much fun in Seattle Sunday night (Apr 17). The "Hard In Da Paint" rapper found himself in the back...

DEA Says Marijuana Could Be Downgraded From Schedule 1 Drug

For years, marijuana, has been classified as a "Schedule 1" drug along with heavy drugs such as heroin, ecstasy and cocaine, but a new...

Mugshot Madness: Rick Ross Arrested in Georgia for Marijuana Possession

We haven't heard a lot from rapper Rick Ross since 2014, but we do know he was arrested for marijuana possession Wednesday afternoon (Jun....

“POT!” Expert Nancy Grace Debates 2 Chainz Over Marijuana Legalization

If you're looking for something to give you a headache, look no further than this 20-minute "discussion" between"POT!" expert Nancy Grace and rapper 2 Chainz about the legalization of marijuana.

Watching These Adorable Grandmas Smoke Weed for the First Time Will Make Your Day Better

What do you get when you take three adorable grandmas (who have never smoked marijuana), give them a bong and a vaporizer, and then...

Drake Smoked Weed On Stage for the First Time with Wiz Khalifa

Drake was on his worst behavior this past weekend. The Young Money rapper smoked weed onstage for the VERY first time while performing with Wiz...

Wiz Khalifa Arrested After Getting Caught with 0.5 Grams of Weed at El Paso Airport

After headlining a music festival in El Paso, Texas Saturday (May 24), rapper Wiz Khalifa was stopped at an intersection checkpoint at the airport,...

Seth Rogen Tells Nancy Grace What Everyone Thinks Of Her: “You Are A F**king Dumbass”

Nancy Grace refuses to let up on her absurd crusade against "POT!" and she continues to use her bully pulpit to "warn" Americans how...

Wiz Khalifa Makes Weed Munchies, Talks Miley Cyrus on “The Arsenio Hall Show”

Wiz Khalifa made a guest appearance on the "Arsenio Hall Show" Monday night (Mar 31), and anytime Wiz is in the building, weed is...

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