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Kevin Gates Released From Illinois State Prison After Serving 9 Months of 30-Month Sentence

Kevin Gates has a few reasons to smile this morning. After spending the past 14 or so months in prison (the last 9 months were from a 30-month sentence), Gates is finally a free man!

Kevin Gates Sentenced 30 Months in Illinois Prison Due to Outstanding Felony Gun Charges

After spending 180 days in a Florida jail, Kevin Gates will now be spending two and a half more years behind bars in an entirely different state.

Kevin Gates Sentenced 180 Days in Jail for Kicking Female Fan, Caught Sleeping in Court

The guilty misdemeanor battery verdict is in connection to an August 2015 incident in which Gates was performing in Lakeland, FL and kicked a female fan in the chest after she grabbed at his ankles.

Coon Rapper Kevin Gates Laughs About Devastating Louisiana Floods, Says Obama “Shoulda Got An Ark”

Kevin Gates is, once again, opening his mouth to say something incredibly stupid.

Kevin Gates Says He’ll Kill Any Cop That Touches His Family, Salutes Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Long

Kevin Gates has a strong message for the police if they ever harm one of his kids. In a video posted to his Instagram,...

Kevin Gates Claims Self Defense After Kicking Female Fan in the Chest

Kevin Gates is using Florida's controversial "Stand Your Ground" law in his current legal case involving a fan he attacked during a concert last...

Kevin Gates Agrees with Stacey Dash: “I Don’t Feel Like Black Lives Matter… ALL Lives Matter”

According to Kevin Gates: Black lives don't matter, all lives matter, be nice to the police and they'll be nice to you. If only life were that simple.

Kevin Gates Marries Longtime Girlfriend, Baby Mama Dreka Haynes

Kevin Gates is officially off the market. The Baton Rouge rapper married his longtime girlfriend/baby mama Dreka Haynes on Saturday (Oct. 17) in a ceremony...

Kevin Gates Charged for Kicking Woman in the Stomach + He Addresses the Incident in New Song Called “The Truth”

Kevin Gates will face charges for brutally kicking a woman in the stomach during a concert in Florida this past weekend. According to the Times-Picayune,...

Kevin Gates Kicked a Female Fan in the Chest Because He’s a Terrible Person

Kevin Gates seriously needs his ass whooped. Like, immediately. During a performance in Lakeland, FL. last week, the Baton Rouge rapper kicked a woman in...

Kevin Gates on Obama: “Please Get This N**ga Out of Office!”

Kevin Gates wants President Barack Obama out of the Oval Office quick fast and in a hurry. Whether he's talking about how he has sex...

Kevin Gates Kicked A Girl Out For Not Giving His Dog Fellatio

Just when you thought Kevin Gates -- who has sex with his cousin -- couldn't get any more outrageous, he goes and uploads a...

Kevin Gates Found Out He’s Been Having Sex with His Cousin

Kevin Gates has no chill whatsoever. Besides eating booty during his free time, Gates also has sex with his cousin. (Yes, you read that right!) The...

Kevin Gates Hit in the Face for Kissing Another Man’s Girlfriend

Kevin Gates learned a BIG lesson about flirting and touching on other people's women. The "I Don't Get Tired" rapper got stuck in the face...

No, Chris Brown Did Not Join the Eat A Booty Gang

Is Chris Brown the newest member of the Eat A Booty Gang? Trick Daddy and rap newcomer Kevin Gates have both publicly made it known...

Chance the Rapper, August Alsina, Rich Homie Quan & Others Make XXL’s Freshman 2014 Cover

XXL magazine released their 2014 Freshman Class cover this week, showing off the top 12 hip-hop artists to look out for this year, and...

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