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Tika Sumpter’s Mom Arrested for Having $10 Library Fine, Actress Blasts Police Department on Twitter

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about when it comes to law enforcement, police are apparently now arresting citizens for late library fines. Is this what we can expect in Donald Trump’s America?

Incarcerated Apollo Nida Set to Appear on Real Housewives of Atlanta With New Fiancé

Things on Real Housewives of Atlanta are about to get crazy. Word on the street is jailbird Apollo is set to return to the show… with his new fiancé!

New York Woman Sues Zara After Discovering Dead Rat Sewn Into Dress

A New York woman named Cailey Fiesel says she found a dead rat sewn into a dress she purchased from Zara, and now she's suing the clothing company.

Lil Wayne Ain’t Got Time for the Black Lives Matter Movement

While most black celebrities and musicians are tripping all over themselves to appear and sound woke on social media, Lil Wayne can't be bothered.

NY Senate Candidate Promised to Provide Kool-Aid, KFC, & Watermelon During Harlem Campaign Event Before Being Arrested

It’s 2016 and this man running for office is really trying to appeal to black people with fried chicken and watermelon.

Ignorant Employers Can Legally Refuse to Hire Someone Simply for Having Dreadlocks

Apparently, it’s perfectly legal to deny someone a job because of dreadlocks. Welcome to 2016.

“Locked the Black Bitch Out”: Some Things to Know About North Dakota Students’ Racist Snapchat Photo

A racist Snapchat showing 3 white college students who allegedly locked a black woman out of her dorm room and referred to her as a racial slur has gone viral on social media.

John Conner III: Some Things to Know About “Bring It!” Dance Coach Arrested for Exposing Boy to HIV

Dance coach John Conner III was arrested on Friday (Sept. 16) for having sex with a minor and exposing him to HIV.

45-Year-Old N.C. Mother and Her 25-Year-Old Married Son Arrested for Incest

A North Carolina woman and her married son were arrested for having sex with each other.

700-Pound Monica Riley Wants to Be the World’s Fattest Woman (and Have Kids Too)

27-year-old Monica Riley eats around 8,000 calories a day and is already over 700 pounds, but she says she wants to be bigger so that she can hold the record for world's fattest woman.

Guy Has Drunk Sex With Girlfriend on Facebook Live and Tags Her Father

Now this is a sure way to make any father lose his shit. A revengeful boyfriend is making headlines and going viral after live-streaming himself...

Aurora Shooting Victims Forced to Pay Movie Theater $700K

Many aspects of this case demonstrate everything that is wrong with the US justice system.

Ousted Fox News CEO Allegedly Referred to Stacey Dash as the “Black Girl”

Stacey Dash turned in her black card to become a ride-or-die chick for Fox News. But apparently, the conservative cable news network couldn’t care...

Tamar Braxton & Vincent Herbert: Domestic Dispute at the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta Results in Him BITING Her?!? (Report)

What the hell is going on with Tamar and Vince? Tamar Braxton and her husband/manager Vincent Herbert allegedly got into a domestic dispute at the...

Azealia Banks Is Now Promoting a Skin-Bleaching Product Called Whitenicious

Is a week free of insane Azealia Banks-related news really too much to ask for Unfortunately, the rapper is, once again, making headlines by...

Simone Manuel’s Olympic Gold Moment Tainted With Racially Insensitive Newspaper Headline

#BlackGirlMagic is coming out in full force at the 2016 Olympics. That was no different when 20-year-old Simone Manuel became the first African-American woman...

Ray J Addresses Random Rumor He Slid Into Malia Obama’s DMs and Is Being Investigated by Secret Service

Though Malia Obama has recently been enjoying her young adult life, she’s had to deal with a lot of public scrutiny. However, this rumor...

Police Officer Acquitted of Freddie Gray’s Murder Expected to Receive $127K in Back Pay

I guess it pays to take a black life. The highest-ranking officer acquitted in the Freddie Gray case will reportedly receive a six-figure sum...

Mariah Carey Has Been Living on a Boat This Summer

Mariah Carey may have ditched her goofy, cornball husband Nick Cannon and traded him in for Australian billionaire James Packer, but the drastic increase...

Dennis Rodman Tells the Stories of How He Broke His Dick Three Times

We all know Dennis Rodman. The eccentric player who played with Michael Jordan on his championship teams. You know, the one who wears dresses...

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