Is a week free of insane Azealia Banks-related news really too much to ask for Unfortunately, the rapper is, once again, making headlines by continuing to support skin bleaching.

Though she claimed to quit social media a few weeks ago, Banks took to her Instagram account to promote a skin-whitening product called “Whitenicious.” And I wish I were making this up.

“Are you ready to get rid of unwanted dark spots, ingrown hairs, scars, acne and discoloration?” Banks write in the caption. “Tired of nursing your imperfections but are unsure about how to get rid of them? Look no further! Whitenicious is here!”

The post also comes with a 10% off code for Banks’ fans. Just enter the code, “AZ,” and you, too, can look like a chocolate powdered donut.

A testimonial from a Whitenicious user claims the product made her skin look “healthy” and is not used to manipulate skin complexion. However, if the name wasn’t proof enough, these photos from the official Whitenicious Instagram account sure is.

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#ClientUpdate #Darkspots #Flawlessskin #reviews Hi Dencia Please I wish to remain anonymous. But I have been using your products since February this year and I have seen a lot of improvements on my face using your daily routine guide. Thank you so much for helping sisters and brothers round the world, I used papaya soaps, dark spots remover, night time cream and organic skin brightening & clarifying body cream. It is not easy to keep buying your product due to the price range, But a girl gotta do anything to get that flawless skin. I have attached a couple of my before and after picture for you to see where I was coming from. P.S. I hope I get a discount so I can place my next orders. Many thanks. May God almighty continue to bless you. #Whitenicious

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While most skin brighteners contain the same ingredients, the formulas work entirely different. “Serums are thinner and good for oil-prone skin or may work with a combination of products (layering) because they are not too heavy on the skin,” explains Dr. Roberts. “Creams are richer, thus adding more moisture to the skin and are best for combination/dry skin types.” Dr. S adds that ointments are greasy but they penetrate a little better than creams. “Overall, it’s a matter of personal preference. One might be more comfortable for a certain season. For example, you may use a cream or lotion in the summer when it’s very hot and look for an ointment or serum in the winter.” One day in the sun can reverse all of the skin brightening work “It’s not worth using these products if you are not using and reapplying sunscreen daily,” cautions Dr. Sar Exfoliating is also key to achieving desired results. She adds, “All of these products are more effective if you get them to penetrate the skin. You’ll want to remove the dead skin layer #skincare #Whitenicious #acne #summer16 #sun #tan #flawless #slaying #men #women #tips (DM for questions or call number listed on website.)

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Azealia Banks was accused of skin bleaching months ago after horrendous photos went viral; she confirmed the rumor soon after. The rapper recently defended the practice in a 20-minute Facebook video and likened it to other body modification and beauty procedures.

“What’s the difference between getting your nose done and changing your skin color? What’s the difference between getting a hair weave and changing your skin color? Nobody was upset when I was wearing 30-inch weaves and tearing out my edges. You guys loved it, but what is the difference? I don’t understand what difference is, because there really isn’t a difference.”

Despite the few hiding behind the “skin health” claim, make no mistake, this product is for the sole purpose of lightening one’s skin. Don’t be like Banks and leave this product on the shelf.