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“Sammy Sosa Out Here Lookin Like Pepto Bismal”: Twitter Reacts to Former Baseball Player’s Lighter Skin Complexion

The retired MLB player of Dominican and Haitian descent is clearly still bleaching his skin.

Azealia Banks Is Now Promoting a Skin-Bleaching Product Called Whitenicious

Is a week free of insane Azealia Banks-related news really too much to ask for Unfortunately, the rapper is, once again, making headlines by...

Azealia Banks Attempts to Justify Her Skin Bleaching by Comparing It to Hair Weave

This is sad. This is so sad. Azealia Banks is literally out here roaming the streets looking like a powdered doughnut. The rapper recorded...

Lil’ Kim Tells Fans She’s Never Bleached Her Skin and Her Skin Color Ain’t Changed

Denial is not just a river in Egypt, it's also Lil Kim's default position whenever she's confronted with truth, facts and evidence. The trials and...

Azealia Banks is Bleaching Her Skin, and Oh My God It Looks Horrendous

It's official: Azealia Banks is the new Lil' Kim. No, this has nothing to do with any similarities in their abilities as female rappers. Azealia...

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