A young, Karen in training who appeared to have trouble minding her business while scrolling through Twitter one day caught a lot of heat on the platform after she called herself “introducing” black people (women in particular) to Sally’s website to use as an actual resource during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Black Americans are already dealing with enough thanks to coronavirus (aka “The Rona”). Not only are we losing our siblings, friends, parents, aunts/uncles and cousins to this virus at a higher rate than our melanin-deficient counterparts, but we’re also getting kicked out of Walmart by actual police officers for wearing the same face masks health officials are urging us to wear out in public to protect ourselves and others (emphasis on others).

And now black people are being told by white people where to shop to get their haircare products. Or at least by one white girl in particular. A young white woman who happens to be a Taylor Swift fan.

A hilarious Twitter thread has gone viral showing a play-by-play guide of what happens when folks don’t mind the business that pays them … especially when it comes to black women and their hair.

A black woman lamenting about not being able to shop for proper haircare products due to beauty supply stores that cater to people of color being closed because they are considered “non-essential” took to Twitter to express her grievances.

“I hate this “non essential business” stuff,” use @Nomastaywoke (Megan Thee Socialist) tweeted. “The beauty supply store is essential to me!!! TO ME!!!!!!”

Any other person with the good sense would probably just scroll past that tweet if it didn’t apply to them (see: “essentially to me!! TO ME!!”), but not this one white girl, in particular, seemed to be trying to be crowned 2020’s “Young Karen of the Year.”

She said in a VERY condescending tone: “ sallybeauty.com there’s this thing called online shopping.. they ship things to your house… it’s pretty cool…”

Lemme stop you right there, Baby Karen (And we say “Baby Karen” because Adult Karen would NEVER). Neither Sallybeauty.com nor their brick-and-mortar stores are for black women or men, which is why traditional “beauty supply” retail outlets that strictly cater to the black demographic exist.

Just take a look at Sally’s homepage. We judge whether or not we can shop from your company from your website/app’s homepage alone. And ain’t no black people or products above the fold on this homepage:

We not coming to see Sally, and Sally apparently ain’t checking for us either.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any widely known apps or websites for US to get OUR beauty supply needs, so, for the moment, WE are unable to get certain supplies WE need to tend to our hair, hence @Nomastaywoke’s tweet.

That’s an issue that can possibly be solved in the interim, however, since we’re talking about right now, “Sally’s Beauty Supply” simply ain’t it.

From there, Lil Karen’s mentions proceeded to dive further into shambles as Black Twitter hilariously let her know that (number one) she was not welcome in our space and (number two) Sally’s ain’t got even a lil bit of nothing for us, so bye, and (number three) see numbers one and two again.

The collective dragging was so brutal that she ended up changing her username. And all she really had to do was just sit there and eat her food and none of this would have ever happened.


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