Now this is a sure way to make any father lose his shit.

A revengeful boyfriend is making headlines and going viral after live-streaming himself having sex with his girlfriend, and tagging her dad in the post.

The video, which has now been removed from Facebook (a clip however has been preserved on Twitter), shows the young couple raw dogging it out in the family vacation home, even after they were told not to be there.



The two apparently got drunk off all the booze in the home and then proceeded to screw each other’s brains out all over the house. There’s also the weird eye contact and drugged-up looks the girl gives the camera and everyone watching on Facebook Live while her BF plows her from behind.

I’m sure pops is somewhere with a gun ready to kill this John Mayer lookalike for exposing his daughter on Facebook and then having the nerve to tag him in the live post. But hey, when daddy is always out of town for business and mommy is high on Vicodin all day long, this is what happens…SMDH!

h/t: Dude Comedy

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