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Innocent Bystander Shot at Walmart in Baton Rouge, Louisiana During Fight Between Two Other Men

An argument between two men at a Walmart in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Tuesday (Aug. 6) escalated into a shooting that left an innocent bystander injured.

Meet the Hero Soldier Who Carried Children Away From Gunfire in El Paso Walmart Shooting

Army PFC Glendon Oakley Jr. is being hailed as a hero after he saved the lives of several children during Saturday's mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

El Paso Walmart Gunman Identified As 21-Year-Old Trump Supporter Who Was Reportedly Against “Race Mixing”

A 21-year-old Trump supporter who didn't like "race mixing" has been identified as the El Paso, Texas Walmart shooting suspect.

Walmart Murder Suspect Tells Victim’s Father Why He Killed His Son: “He Was a Rotten Piece of Sh*t That Got Me F**ked All the Way Up”

A South Carolina man who shot and killed another man in broad daylight at a local Walmart told the victim's father that his son deserved to die because he wronged him.

Jury Awards Almost $17 Million to Woman Injured at Walmart

A West Virginia jury recently awarded a woman nearly $17 million after she was injured at Walmart while workers chased after a shoplifter.

Tyler Perry Paid Off $434,000 Worth of Layaways for Walmart Customers in Atlanta for Christmas

Tyler Perry is doing Christmas the right way. The famous actor and filmmaker surprised a number of Walmart shoppers in Atlanta by paying off their Christmas layaways for them.

DaBaby Says Gunman Approached Him While He Was Shopping With His Family at Walmart

Da Baby said that he was shopping with his family (his 1-year-old daughter, 5-year-old son and baby mama) when he was approached by two men. At least one of the men had a gun, and he said security footage will back up his side of the story.

DaBaby Released From Police Custody With No Charges After Reportedly Shooting & Killing Man at Walmart

Da Baby is now a free man and has so far not been charged for shooting and killing a man who tried to rob him at a Walmart store in Huntersville, NC.

Rapper DaBaby Reportedly Shot & Killed Man Trying to Rob Him at Walmart in Charlotte

DaBaby—a popular rapper out of Charlotte, North Carolina—was reportedly involved in an altercation at a Walmart that led to the shooting death of a man.

Mugshot Madness: Florida Man Offered to Buy Woman’s 8-Year-Old Daughter for $200,000

Hellmuth Kolb was arrested after a woman claimed he walked up to her while she was sitting on a bench inside the store with her daughter, and offered her $200,000 to buy her 8-year-old daughter from her.

Active Shooter Who Held Hostages in Texas Walmart Killed by SWAT

There are reports that police have shot and killed an armed person inside a Walmart in Amarillo, Texas. The gunman allegedly took hostages and at...

Justin Bieber Confronted By Old Family Friend At Walmart For Alleged Hooliganism

Continuing his never-ending tour of pissing people off for simply being Justin Bieber, the Pop star went back to his hometown of Stratford, Ontario...

Watch: Crazy People Fighting Over TVs at Walmart on the “Safest Black Friday Ever”

I'm starting to think "Black Friday" was created as a test for humanity, just to see how we treat each other when an entire...

Caramel Kitten Twerks All Over Walmart: By the Eggs, By the Fish, By the Beer (VIDEO)

She twerkin' by the eggs, she twerkin' by the fish. She twerkin' by the bacon, she twerkin' by the beer. She twerkin over there,...

Walmart Shopper Whips Out Her Gun After Coupon Is Rejected

There are two things you should never threaten to take away from a Walmart shopper: 1) Sam's Choice Cola: That generic-ass can of soda is...

Black Friday Madness: Bitches Be Trippin’ Over Smartphones & Flatscreens

While most of us were sleeping after a hearty Thanksgiving meal, many folks were busy scrambling for the latest and greatest doorbuster deals on...

Parenting Fail: Meth Head Mom Left Her Child Inside Walmart While She Napped Outside in the Car

A South Carolina mother is facing child neglect charges after police say she left her 3-year-old daughter inside a Walmart while she slept outside...

Fat, Naked Man Arrested After He Was Caught on Camera Stealing Socks from Walmart

Police in Pennsylvania say they arrested a fat, naked man who was caught on Walmart security cameras stealing a pair of socks. 32-year-old Verdon Lamont...

Woman Who Admitted to Cooking Meth at Walmart Said She Was “Too Broke to Buy the Chemicals”

An Oklahoma woman was arrested Thursday after police caught her mixing chemicals to make meth inside a South Tulsa Walmart. Video surveillance shows 45-year-old Elizabeth...

Walmart Workers Steal $45,000 to Help Fund Sex Change Surgery

One of these friendly looking guys who once worked for Walmart ... is not really a guy. Can you guess which one it is? If...

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