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Petty Tyrese Tries to Rain on The Rock’s Parade With Shady Post-and-Delete Instagram Assault

After The Rock's "Fast & Furious" spinoff opened this weekend, Tyrese felt like taking shots at his co-star on Instagram for cheap laughs and likes.

Tyrese Claims He Didn’t Go to Abu Dhabi to Do Hosting After Telling the Internet He Was Going to UAE to Do Hosting

Just because the club flyers didn't go up on da 'gram, Tyrese wants to act like he wasn't out in Abu Dhabi getting paid to host parties.

Tyrese Granted Joint Custody of 10-Year-Old Daughter, Ex-Wife Denied Permanent Restraining Order

After several weeks of a messy custody battle, Tyrese was granted 50/50 custody of his 10-year-old daughter Shayla. The shared custody between Tyrese and his ex-wife Norma Gibson will begin in January.

Tyrese Blames Anti-Depression Medication for Emotional Breakdown & Feud With The Rock

In an Instagram video, accompanied by a lengthy post, Tyrese blamed his recent erratic behavior on the depression medication, Rexulti.

Tyrese Won’t Face Charges for Alleged Child Abuse, Custody Battle With Ex-Wife Still Ongoing

The Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services has ended its investigation and has decided not to file any charges over Tyrese’s ex-wife's claims that he beat their 10-year-old daughter.

Tyrese Checked for Weapons at Courthouse Following Emotional Breakdown, Friends Concerned About His Mental State

One day after his emotional breakdown, court bailiffs were so concerned of Tyrese’s mental state that they feared he may have brought weapons to his custody hearing.

Tyrese Suffers Emotional Breakdown Amid Custody Battle: “Please Don’t Take My Baby!”

Tyrese is begging the courts not to take his child away. He says he’s going broke paying legal fees, having trouble finding work because his ex-wife has tarnished his reputation, and his rich friends have not reached out to help.

Tyrese Investigated by Child Services After Ex-Wife Claims He Abused Their 10-Year-Old Daughter

Norma Gibson claims Tyrese spanked their daughter, Shayla, “between 12 and 16 times.” Shayla allegedly told her mother that her father spanked her so hard that it was painful to sit.

Tyrese Slams Ex-Wife After She Claims He Abused Their 10-Year-Old Daughter & Was Granted A Restraining Order

In a lengthy Instagram post, Tyrese said his ex’s actions were the result of her being “bitter,” “resentful,” and mean-spirited because she hasn’t found a man since they divorced.

Wendy Williams Slams Tyrese’s Misogynistic Statements by Making Homophobic Joke

The talk show host expressed faux-feminism views while discussing Tyrese Gibson’s recent misogynistic comments, but at the expense of the LGBT community.

Samantha Lee: Tyrese Gibson’s New Wife Is An Accomplished Social Worker With Six-Figure Salary

Tyrese Gibson's new wife Samantha Lee earns her own money, making a 6-figure salary as a social worker who fights for children and human trafficking victims.

Tyrese Gibson Ties the Knot With Mystery Bride in Surprise Valentine’s Day Wedding

Surprise, Surprise! Tyrese is officially off the market. The singer/actor has officially announced he is a married man.

WATCH: Official “Fast and Furious 8” Trailer Released

The trailer features big blasts, massive car wrecks, roving tanks and a huge oncoming wrecking ball that would put Miley Cyrus to shame.

Movie Stars Who Modeled Before They Were Famous

From the runway to the big screen! Before some of your favorite movie stars became famous, they paid their bills by starring in modeling campaigns...

Tyrese Gibson’s Ex-Wife Norma Mitchell Talks Child Custody Drama & Being Abused During Their Marriage

While Tyrese is making his promotional rounds for his new movie "Furious 7," he's also having to deal with a ton of personal problems...

Tyrese’s Ex-Wife Norma Gibson Granted Permission to Take Daughter to Israel

Last week, Tyrese filed court documents asking a judge to stop his ex-wife Norma Gibson from taking their 7-year-old daughter Shayla on a trip...

Game Assembles All-Star Rap Tribute to Michael Brown Called “Don’t Shoot” (NEW MUSIC)

Rapper Game is using Hip Hop as a platform to bring awareness about Ferguson and the death of Michael Brown. Putting his musical resources to...

Justin Bieber’s Wild House Party with Floyd Mayweather Jr., Tyrese, Johnny Manziel & Others Attracts Police Attention

Justin Bieber threw a WILD party at his new Beverly Hills condo (the same place where his new neighbors are already complaining about excessive...

Tyrese’s Ex-Wife Norma Gibson Denies Him Visitation with Daughter, Cops Called

Tyrese's ex-wife Norma Gibson must still be butt-hurt over getting $0.00 in their divorce settlement, or something ... because the two are now entangled...

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