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WATCH: Kentucky Woman Says She Cut Hole in Face Mask to Make It “A Lot Easier to Breathe”

A Kentucky woman with not a lot of common sense was seen on video shopping with a huge hole cut in the middle of her protective mask, which she claimed made it "easier to breathe."

Dozens of New Yorkers Have Reportedly Ingested Disinfectants After Trump’s Coronavirus Comments

After President Donald Trump suggested injecting COVID-19 patients with bleach as a possible cure for the coronavirus, New York's Poison Control Center says they received a high volume of calls from NY residents who had ingested bleach and other household cleaners.

President Trump Suggests Using Bleach Injections & “Powerful” UV Rays to Cure Coronavirus Patients

Donald Trump has some very "interesting" ideas about possible treatments for COVID-19 patients.

Alabama Rapper Arrested in Atlanta After Throwing $250K Worth of Meth Over Balcony

Kelvin James Dark—an Alabama rapper who goes by the names "Mr. Alabama" and "K Digga"—was arrested in Atlanta after he allegedly tossed $250K worth of meth over an apartment balcony during a police raid.

Uhh, No Thanks: Titanic II Set to Sail in 2022, Will Follow Original Route

An exact replica of Titanic called the "Titanic II" is setting sail in 2022. It will follow the exact route of the original infamous ship that hit an iceberg and sank to the ocean floor in 1912, inspiring the blockbuster film "Titanic." Thanks, but no thanks!

Man Shot During Argument Over Who Should Play Aretha Franklin in Her Biopic

Police say an argument over who should star as Aretha Franklin in a movie about her life led to a shooting at a barbershop in Suffolk, Virginia.

Donald Trump Clowned on Twitter After Struggling to Describe the White House at Easter Egg Roll

During a short, nonsensical speech before the traditional White Hous Easter Egg Roll Monday (Apr. 3), y'alls president struggled with the simple task of describing the home he's been living in for the past year and some change.

Harambe & Hennessy: Thousands of Americans Voted for Dead Gorilla & Liquor Instead of Trump or Clinton?

The hate for both Clinton and Trump was so strong that some Americans decided to vote for Harambe (the dead gorilla), while others decided to vote for Hennessy.

Donald Trump Applauds Saddam Hussein for Being Good at Killing Terrorists

Donald Trump, the result of an old can of pizza dough that was left out in the heat and its contents exploded all over...

You Big Dummy: Nick Young Almost Blew His Hand Off Playing With Fireworks

Nick Young came VERY close to losing his hand on Fourth of July. In an idiotic move that could have jeopardized his NBA career, the Los Angeles...

High School Students’ Racist Rant About Bringing Back Slavery by 2040 Goes Viral

There is a disturbing trend happening in our schools. Although we may think racism will minimize as our youth become our leaders, three white...

GTFOH! Ben Carson Thinks Harriet Tubman Should Be on the $2 Bill Instead of the $20 Bill

Former Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson is once again proving why no one likes him. After the U.S. Treasury Department announced yesterday that abolitionist Harriet...

Mugshot Madness: Orlando Brown Arrested for Beating Girlfriend in Police Parking Lot

Police also found meth on the former Disney star, which explains why he looks so terrible in this mugshot. Yikes.

Suspect Responds to Cops on Facebook, Gets Arrested, Cries in Mugshot

Andrew Dale Marcum posed for this hilarious mugshot after he turned himself in to police in response to a wanted ad on Facebook. Marcum, a...

Pastor James David Manning Says Starbucks is Putting Sodomite Semen in Your Coffee

Did you know that Starbucks is putting the semen of "sodomites" in your coffee to make it taste better?!? They're really not, but a New...

Florida Man Arrested After Allegedly Sexting Cop

A 30-year-old South Florida man was arrested earlier this month after he allegedly sent indecent photos to a police officer. Paul Arnold Kirleis reportedly contacted...

“I Just Beat the F**k Out of a Mexican”: Adrien Broner Apologizes for Dimwitted Remark

Adrien Broner is a f**king idiot! It's bad enough that he has unprotected sex with strippers and an ego way too big for someone who...

Middle School Teacher Arrested After Giving Student Lap Dance in Front of the Class

This has to be one of the dumbest teachers alive... A middle school teacher from Texas was arrested for giving one of her students a...

Foolish Teens Tweeted Bomb Jokes to American Airlines in Response to Dutch Girl’s Arrest

Earlier this week, a 14-year-old Dutch girl known simply as "Sarah" learned the hard way that it's never a good idea to tweet threats...

George Zimmerman Still Wants to Fight; Calls Out Drake, Diddy, Orlando Jones

If you thought that whole George Zimmerman celebrity boxing match thing was over, think again. Last month it was reported that the match had been...

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