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White Man Wears Blackface to Rob Maryland Bank

Maryland police believe a white man robbed a PNC Bank on Tuesday (Jan. 28) instead of a black male despite the description the teller gave to police.

Iggy Azalea & Playboi Carti’s Atlanta Mansion Robbed of Almost $400K Worth of Jewelry

Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti were recently victims of a burglary at their home in Atlanta.

Ex-Roommate Made Mom Watch Him Stab & Decapitate Her Children to “Punish” Her for Not Having Any Money or Valuables to Steal

Horrific new details of a triple homicide involving a young Arkansas mother and her two children have emerged, including how one of their attackers forced the woman to watch as he slaughtered her children in front of her before stabbing her to death.

South Carolina Man Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Stealing Cigarettes

Michael Lamont Jones, a South Carolina man who stole thousands of dollars worth of cigarettes from the same gas station twice in one week, will spend the next 15 years in prison after pleading guilty in court Wednesday (May 8).

Rich The Kid’s Wife Says Tori Brixx Set Him Up in Home Invasion Robbery

Rich The Kid's team believes the robbery was an inside job, and his estranged wife, Antonette Willis, has accused Tori Brixx of setting the whole thing up.

Rich The Kid Hospitalized After Getting Robbed at Gunpoint & Pistol-Whipped at Girlfriend Tori Brixx’s House

According to TMZ, the "Plug Walk" rapper was attacked and robbed at gunpoint in Los Angeles last night! "The beatdown was so severe, it landed him in the hospital," TMZ reports.

Henry Sintay (aka “Jogger Joe”): Man Who Threw Homeless Man’s Belongings Into Lake Arrested for Robbery

Henry Sintay has reportedly been arrested on charges of robbery, and his friends have also identified him as the jogger (aka "Jogger Joe") who went viral for tossing a homeless black man's belongings into a lake in Oakland, California.

Tyga’s Last Kings Clothing Store Robbed in Los Angeles, Police Have No Suspects

TMZ reports that Tyga’s Last Kings clothing store was broken into either late Friday night (Dec. 1) or early Saturday morning. The thieves got away with several articles of clothing, but the total value of the stolen items is unknown.

WTF: Chicago Dancers Robbed While Twerking on Facebook Live

Two big booty girls believed to be "exotic dancers" (i.e. strippers) from Chicago were recently robbed while dancing in their hotel room and it was all captured on camera, thanks to Facebook Live.

Michael B. Jordan & Scott Disick Latest Victims in Long String of Celebrity Home Invasions

Several celebrity Southern California homes have been burglarized or broken into since the beginning of the year.

Fetty Wap Robbery & Shootout: Some Things You Need To Know

An arrest has been made in the violent shoot-out that took place outside of a Paterson, NJ deli that involved rapper Fetty Wap and his crew. Here are some things you need to know about the incident.

Robbers Targeted Rob Ryan Because “He Ain’t Lil Wayne, He Just A Football Coach”

Two potential robbers in New Orleans made it very clear that Rob Ryan "ain't Lil Wayne."

How Sas from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Ended Up Getting Shot in the Head

Sas is truly a "walking miracle." The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is on the road to recovery after being shot in the...

“Meet the Browns” Stars David & Tamela Mann Robbed at Red Lobster in Atlanta

Where was Madea?!? "Meet The Browns" stars David and Tamela Mann were robbed of a few valuable items at a Red Lobster in the East...

DMX Allegedly Robbed A 21-Year-Old Man At Gunpoint

A-21 year-old guy is claiming DMX and one of his goons robbed him for $3,200 at an Exxon gas station in Newark, NJ early Sunday morning...

Atlanta Gang Members Used Fake Craigslist Car Ads to Rob People

Police say Atlanta area gang members used fake Craigslist ads for cars that didn't exist in order to lure people and rob them. According to...

76-Year-Old Goon Granny Dorothy Hendrix Killed in Shootout After Attempted Robbery

Dorothy Hendrix is the definition of a gangster grandma! The 76-year-old woman was killed last weekend in a shootout with a gang of three people...

Black Robbers Disguised Themselves as White Cops in $200,000 Heist

New York police say a group of 3 black robbers used lifelike disguises they purchased from a Hollywood special effects firm to turn themselves...

Soulja Boy’s Goon Rappers Arrested After Robbing, Beating Up Fan and Posting Video on YouTube

Two rappers associated with Soulja Boy were arrested in Warwick, Rhode Island last Friday after police found out they had attacked two fans in...

Here’s the Video Showing 2 Chainz Being Robbed at Gunpoint & Running Like Hell

Now that it's been proven that 2 Chainz was indeed jacked at gunpoint in San Francisco, the debate has shifted to whether or not...

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