The man described by my favorite website, Very Smart Brothas, as the “worst white man in America” has finally been identified.

Henry Sintay has reportedly been arrested on robbery charges, and his friends have also identified him as the jogger (aka “Jogger Joe”) who went viral for tossing a homeless black man’s belongings into Lake Merritt in Oakland, California.

If the name “Lake Merritt” sounds familiar to you, it should, because that’s the same lake where “BBQ Becky” Jennifer Schulte harassed a group of innocent black people for BBQing with a charcoal grill.

Here’s what we know about Henry Sintay so far:

1“Jogger Joe,” whom acquaintances have identified as Henry Sintay, was filmed throwing a homeless man’s things into the trash and a nearby lake.

Over the weekend, a shirtless and bearded white man only known at the time as “Jogger Joe,” was recorded on video rummaging through a homeless black man’s belongings and tossing them into the trash and a lake in Oakland, California.

Henry Sintay was jogging Saturday evening (Jun. 9) when he came across the homeless person’s things and decided to throw them away. Sintay first took the man’s belongings to a nearby trashcan, but he also appeared to throw some of his stuff into the lake.

When an onlooker pointed out to Sintay what he had done, he tried to claim it was an accident, but the person wasn’t buying what he was selling and told him “No, it wasn’t [an accident]… I saw you drag and throw it in.”

Acquaintances who watched the video after it went viral on social media said “Jogger Joe” was someone they knew—Henry Sintay.

The original video footage was filmed by J.J. Harris and then shared by Kristin Gallup to the Lake Neighbors Facebook group, where it quickly gained traction. Harris wrote:

“I am still stunned that yesterday I captured this video of some guy throwing a homeless man’s belongings into Lake Merritt and around the area. The police showed up soon after as the guy ran away to continue his workout. They said they couldn’t do anything because the homeless man’s possessions are considered ‘debris.’ Only possibility is he ‘may’ get a fine for littering. This is ridiculous that these are the kind of people who are living in Oakland now. Please share. This bro needs to go down.”

A man named Refugio Cuco commented on Harris’ video, saying he knew the man whose belongings were tossed away. “He has been trying really hard to get his life together after dealing with complicated MEDICAL problems,” he wrote.

Harris, who lives near the Bay Area park and is familiar with the homeless man, later identified simply as “Drew,” said the man’s items were always relegated to the corner and were “not blocking the walkway.” Harris told The Guardian he started recording once he saw “huge amounts of blankets” being tossed into the lake.

Oakland City Councilmember Lynette Gibson responded to Harris’ video and said she would be sending it to the City Administration and would reply after she found out what the local laws were in regards to the belongings of unsheltered people.

2Sintay assaulted another man, stole his phone and took off running with it.

Another video related to the incident recorded by another man, Matt Nelson, shows Sintay returning to the lake and trying to remove items that fell into the lake, according to Sintay.

Sintay explained to Nelson that he’s always throwing away trash in the area, and he considered the man’s belongings “trash.” Asked why he was in the lake taking stuff out, Sintay claimed he was “trying to do the f**king right thing” because he didn’t want to “pollute the lake.”

Sintay then acknowledged that he’d seen the destitute man in the area before and that he knew what he was throwing away was the man’s stuff, but he didn’t care because he still considered it trash.

“He’s been a resident here for a long time,” the videographer said, referring to “Drew,” who didn’t appear to be in the area at the time. “He has no place to have his stuff, so just leave him alone,” a passerby said to the group. “He’s not bothering anybody.”

When Nelson asked Sintay what his name was (he hadn’t been identified at the time of the recording), instead of answering, Sintay—who noticed that he was being recorded—appeared to assault Nelson and grabbed his phone before taking off with it. You can actually hear Nelson crying out for help in the video and saying that he’s being attacked.

Unbeknownst to Sintay, the video was filmed on Facebook Live, so it was posted (and remains online) even though Nelson no longer has access to his phone, which was stolen by Sintay. Watch above.

According to Nelson, Sintay did not return his phone and he had to go to the emergency room after being injured from Sintay’s assault.

Nelson wrote on Facebook:

“Is this that same dude? UPDATE: Thank you, loved ones! And thanks especially to my amazing nephew, Theo! Henry and his “friend” assaulted me multiple times, I was also dragged by their moving vehicle and hit a few times in the head, but I’m safe now. Still do not have my phone. Please keep calling it and if Henry picks up, I’d like it back. I’ll continue to share the story and folks should feel free to reach out to me here or via email.

“QUICK UPDATE #2: Thankful for the ER staff who assessed my injuries and thankful for my hard head! Even more thankful for the kind and loving friends and family who have been looking out for me and taking care of me. And, thankful to my community, who knows that Oakland can be a place where the dignity, safety and full human rights of everyone can be defended, protected, and affirmed. I know we have a long way to go, but I also know we have no choice but to get there…onward!

“BRIEF UPDATE #3: I am recovering from a mild concussion, some cuts and bruises, and many sore and strained muscles. Your love, food, joy, outrage, companionship, laughter, rides, check-ins, insight, and incredible displays of compassion have helped me heal and prepared me for the work ahead. Deepest thanks to everyone who has reached out with love and support! You have taken care of me, and for this, I am deeply grateful.

“And let’s not lose focus: HOUSING IS A HUMAN RIGHT. While my wounds will heal, the deep wounds of inequality and injustice in #Oakland will fester unless we dramatically improve how we treat our neighbors who are unhoused, unsheltered, or on the verge of losing their housing. This is a moral and cultural issue and a reflection of our values as much (or more) than it is a policy and civil code issue. And our values and morals must guide our political decisions. We can do much better by our people. And to achieve this, we need you and the love you’ve shown me to lead us forward to a town rooted in full dignity and human rights for all.”

3Henry Sintay has been arrested on first-degree robbery charges.

According to Oakland News Now, a man named Henry William Sintay was arrested by Oakland police on first-degree robbery charges Monday afternoon (Jun. 11). Sintay’s charges apparently stem from the theft of Matt Nelson’s phone after he was filmed throwing the homeless man’s belongings in the trash and a nearby lake.

The arrest report states that Sintay was cuffed around 1 p.m. Monday and booked just after 9 p.m. the same day at the Glenn E. Dyer Detention Facility in Downtown Oakland. The 30-year-old’s bail was set at $100,000 and he will be arraigned Wednesday morning (Jun. 13).

That Sintay was arrested and charged with robbery and not assault seems to be pure luck on his part, considering he did attack the man he also robbed.

4Henry Sintay’s apparent Facebook page shows a man who appears to live a “hippy” and “outdoorsy” lifestyle.

While Henry Sintay himself hasn’t made a public post about the incident, a number of people who know him have ID’d him as the “Jogger Joe” seen in the viral video tossing out a homeless man’s belongings.

We came across what appears to be Sintay’s Facebook profile, and on the page is a photo of a man who strongly resembles the man seen in the videos. The profile also lists the man’s location as Lower Lake, California.

Sintay’s Facebook page also includes an interesting set of photos of him and his friends that would lead one to believe he lives a kind of “hippy” and “outdoorsy” lifestyle. He also appears to have “white people dreadlocks” in some photos that show him at what looks like the Burning Man Festival.

5An online criminal record for Henry Sintay reveals that he was arrested in 2015 for marijuana-related offenses.

According to an online arrest record, Sintay was arrested in June 2015 and charged for cultivating and possessing marijuana for sale, along with a charge of conspiracy to commit a crime.

The online arrest record from states that Sintay was released from a jail in Lake County, California on November 17th, 2017—more than two years after his arrest. The record also lists his birthplace as Boise, ID and his occupation (at the time of his arrest) as construction.

One odd thing about that 2015 record though is that it lists his birthday as October 10th, 1979, while his recent arrest record (for the robbery charge) lists his birthday as November 10th, 1987. The mugshot related to the 2015 arrest, however, definitely resembles the same Henry Sintay we found on Facebook as well as the man seen in the viral videos.

6A GoFundMe page has been set up for the homeless man, simply identified as “Drew,” by Kenzie Smith, the same man who was harassed by “BBQ Becky” Jennifer Schulte.

Oakland residents have banded together to help “Drew,” who has been identified as the homeless man who lost his belongings at the hands of Henry Sintay.

“If you live in Oakland, you’ve seen this homeless man. He is sweet and kind and friendly. You know where his spot is,” a woman named Anastasia Kuba wrote on Facebook. “Stop by today with some clothing, sleeping bag, blanket, sandwich or/and cash. This man deserves better and we should stick up for him.”

In response to the incident, Kenzie Smith—the same man who was harassed by “BBQ Becky” Jennifer Schulte last month—told the San Francisco Chronicle that he and his friend, J.J. Harris (the man who filmed the original video of Sintay) tried to track down the homeless man “Drew” to reach out to him and provide any needed assistance.

“With me and my situation arrived with BBQ Becky, I vowed to City Hall that I would not have another BBQ Becky,” Smith said, referencing the incident at Lake Merritt in which “BBQ Becky” called the police on him for BBQing with a charcoal grill. “When [Harris’] video broke, I was outside at the lake, I found Drew and I talked to him, gave him food and water. I went back out that night to make sure no one messed with him again.”

Smith said he called on the community to donate items, and “Drew” was provided with clothing, groceries, blankets and other things to replace some of his belongings that Sintay threw away. Smith said Drew was very thankful for the donations.

On Sunday, Harris announced on the Lake Neighbors Facebook group that people were “looking for a more permanent housing solution for Drew” and had established a GoFundMe account in Drew’s name.

The GoFundMe page reads:

Millions of people across the world have seen the video of that shows a white woman who called the police on me and a friend for #BBQingWhileBlack. This week lots of you will probably see another video from Lake Merritt in Oakland that shows a man throwing a homeless man’s belongings into the lake.

That homeless man’s name is Drew (he’s in the middle in the pic) and he’s lived at Lake Merritt for a long time. Like the thousands of other people in the Bay Area without homes, Drew is one of our neighbors. We’re disgusted that someone thought it was ok to treat Drew this way and want to show him through our care that what happened to him is unacceptable. It’s not ok to destroy someone’s things just because they are homeless. Help us show Drew that his community is here for him and that we care.

All donations will go towards our goal of replacing everything that was thrown in the lake including:

– clothing
– shoes
– food
– bedding
– other essential items.

If we meet our goal, we’d also be able to get him a tent so he can sleep more peacefully and his belongings can be more protected. Drew told us that would help him feel more safe after this incident.

Please donate today and help support Drew. No donation is too big or too small and all money will go directly to getting Drew what he needs. We’ll also provide updates each time we do something for Drew.

Let’s show how Oakland really treats each other.

Thank you for reading and please share!!

As of the writing of this article, Drew’s GoFundMe has exceeded its $3,000 goal with nearly $8,000 in donations.

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