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‘Officer Karen’ Has Emotional Breakdown Over Having to Wait for Egg McMuffin: “I Don’t Know How Much More I Can Take”

A White female cop has gone viral on social media after a video showed her having a full-on emotional breakdown after a recent visit to a McDonald's because she had to wait for an Egg McMuffin that she ended up no longer wanted.

Memphis Teen Shot to Death in McDonald’s Drive-Thru Days Before Graduation, Family Believes It Was a Setup

A Memphis teen is making headlines after she was shot and killed over the weekend in the drive-thru of a fast-food restaurant just weeks before she was supposed to graduate high school.

Oklahoma City Woman Shoots Up McDonald’s After Being Told She Couldn’t Eat Inside Due to COVID-19

A 32-year-old Oklahoma City woman was arrested after she opened fire inside a McDonald's after being told by employees that the dining room was closed due to coronavirus restrictions.

McNasty! McDonald’s Worker Caught Digging in Her Butt While Working Drive-Thru

A photo of a South Carolina McDonald's worker digging in her butt while working the drive-thru has gone viral on social media.

3-Year-Old Girl Sexually Assaulted by 34-Year-Old Man in McDonald’s Bathroom While Her Dad Was in the Next Stall

Accused of one of the most horrifying and repulsive crimes, a Chicago man has been arrested for sexually assaulting a 3-year-old girl in a McDonald's bathroom stall right next to the girl's father.

McDonald’s Customer Says He Got “High As a Kite” After Finding 3 Bags of Weed in His Sweet Tea

A South Carolina man says he found three bags of weed in his cup after ordering a sweet tea with light ice and extra lemon from a local McDonald's.

Mugshot Madness: Georgia Woman Shot Up McDonald’s & Led Police on High Speed Chase After Getting Cold Fries

Lillian Shantel Tarver is accused of shooting up a Georgia McDonald's and also leading police on a high speed chase all because she received cold fries.

5-Year-Old Boy Called 911 to Order McDonald’s While His Grandmother Was Sleeping & Cops Delivered It

A 5-year-old in Michigan stunned a 911 dispatcher due to his odd emergency. "Can you bring me McDonald's?" the little boy secretly asked while his grandmother was sleeping.

Mugshot Madness: Man Arrested After Throwing Hot Coffee on Teen McDonald’s Employee

A South Carolina man who police say threw a cup of hot coffee at a teenage McDonald's employee because he was mad about his order taking too long turned himself into police nearly a month after the incident.

Mugshot Madness: McDonald’s Worker Who Poisoned Police Officer Could Spend 20 Years in Jail

A 22-year-old McDonald's worker who poisoned a police officer could spend up the next 20 years of his life behind bars.

McDonald’s Employee Could Receive $50K for Alerting Police of “Facebook Killer” Steve Stephens’ Whereabouts

Police have referred to the McDonald’s employee as a "concerned citizen" and said that the tipster (and possibly other McDonald's employees involved) could receive the $50,000 reward previously announced by the Cleveland mayor for Stephens' capture.

Woman Shot Up McDonald’s Drive-Thru Because Her Bacon Cheeseburger Was Missing The Bacon

A Michigan woman was so mad at a McDonald's employee for failing to put bacon on her bacon cheeseburger (for the SECOND time in...

Guy Drunk Off Patrón Shows Up at McDonald’s & Picks Fight With Employee Over A Girl: “You Love A Bitch That Will Never Stop Loving Me!”

When the guy who hates your guts the most shows up at your job drunk as hell and everything goes wrong... This recently happened to...

Teacher Ate Nothing But McDonald’s for 90 Days Straight & Lost 37 Pounds

A big mac a day ... keeps the doctor away? An Iowa schoolteacher has proven that eating McDonald's everyday can have healthy results. In 2004, independent...

Couple at McDonald’s Drive-Thru Gets Bag of Cash, Instead of Their Food

A Tennessee couple almost cashed out BIG TIME after ordering breakfast at McDonald's. Greg Terry and his wife Stacye often visit the McDonald's on Lebanon...

Watch Out McDonald’s! Burger King Is Coming Out With Its Own McRib

Over the past year or so, it seems like Burger King has been copying and pasting the McDonald's business model, but now they're just...

McDonald’s Has Four Approved Shapes for Chicken McNuggets: Ball, Bone, Bell and Boot

Stop ... the ... effin ... presses! Did you know that McDonald's only has four official shapes approved for Chicken McNuggets? And if you...

McDonald’s in Korea Throws Kids Out For Hosting $250 French Fry Party

Thanks to a sale on french fries at McDonald's in Japan making those salty sticks of potato goodness a lot cheaper, local kids started...

Man Facing Year in Jail for Punching McDonald’s Employee Because His Sundae Had Hot Fudge on the Bottom, Instead of the Top

A Tenneesee man could spend up to a year in prison after he was convicted of assault for punching a McDonald's employee in the face...

Shocking Video Shows Mouse Frantically Running Around Inside a Bag of McDonald’s Big Mac Buns

A former McDonald's employee recorded cell phone video footage of a mouse trapped inside a bag of Big Mac buns at a McDonald's in...

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