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Evelyn Lozada Takes Vow of Celibacy After Getting Baptized: “I’m Done With Premarital Sex!”

Evelyn Lozada doesn't shy away from an epic argument and is quick to throw hands. However, the Basketball Wives star now says she's ready to turn a new leaf thanks to her new spiritual journey.

Judge Denies Evelyn Lozada’s Restraining Order Request Against “Basketball Wives” Co-Star OG Chijindu

Not long after Evelyn Lozada filed a lawsuit against her "Basketball Wives" co-star Ogom "OG" Chijindu for defamation, she tried to up the ante a bit by requesting a temporary restraining order against OG, but the judge basically told her "nah fam, we good."

Evelyn Lozada & Tami Roman Go At It on Instagram After Tami Slides Into Evelyn’s Baby Daddy’s Comments

Evelyn called out her "Basketball Wives" co-star after she caught Tami leaving emojis on her baby daddy's (Carl Crawford) Instagram page.

Jackie Christie Is DONE Talking About Her Estranged Daughter Ta’Kari on “Basketball Wives”

The pain and hurt that Jackie has endured over her daughter Ta'Kari's accusations has the "queen" of BBW sick and tired.

Original “Basketball Wives” Star Evelyn Lozada Says Her Return to the VH1 Series Is Her “Most Challenging” Season Ever

Though the season just started, she’s already revealing it’s her “most challenging” season yet, but maybe not for the reasons you think.

Evelyn Lozada Confirms She’s Joining Basketball Wives LA While Guest Co-Hosting on The Real

All the rumors, speculation, and mysterious teases can be put to rest. We’ve heard it straight from the horse’s mouth. Evelyn Lozada is joining Basketball Wives LA!

Basketball Wives LA Fires 5 Cast Members, Evelyn Lozada Reportedly Joins Season 6

Big changes are coming to Basketball Wives LA. According to sources, over half of the cast from Season 5 has been fired!

Is Evelyn Lozada Joining The Real? “Huge Announcement” Tease on Instagram Sparks Speculation

Has "The Real" finally found a fifth co-host to replace Tamar Braxton?

Evelyn Lozada Isn’t Really Interested in Returning to Basketball Wives

Evelyn, who's busy being an actual "housewife" and mother these days, is looking forward and not backward when it comes to her TV career.

Evelyn Lozada Goes Off On Wendy Williams For Calling Her Newborn Son A “Cash Register”

"Basketball Wives" Star Evelyn Lozada and her fiancé, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Carl Crawford, welcomed their son Carl Leo into the world last month,...

Evelyn Lozada Already Knows About Carl Crawford’s Other Baby Mama, Amy Freeman

Evelyn Lozada shocked us all when she announced that she was having a baby, and when folks found out who the father was --...

Evelyn Lozada: My Baby Daddy is Pro Baseball Player Carl Crawford

After weeks of keeping quiet, Evelyn Lozada has finally revealed who her baby daddy is: professional baseball player Carl Crawford. But we already kinda-sorta...

“Basketball Wives” Star Evelyn Lozada is 6 Months Pregnant! But Who’s the Baby Daddy?

Is Evelyn Lozada 6 months pregnant by a baseball player? That's the question the Internet is asking today after TMZ shared the following information...

There Will Be No “Basketball Wives” Reunion Thanks To Evelyn Lozada

In yet another sign that "Basketball Wives" is likely not to come back, or at the very least, not with any of its original...

“Basketball Wives” Recap: Suzie Pulls No Punches in Fight with Kenya Bell

Forget what you heard. Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman are NOT the biggest troublemakers on "Basketball Wives". That honor, ladies and gentlemen, comfortably rests...

“Basketball Wives” Recap: Life Without Tasha Marbury Is Sweet

Since making her debut on the "Basketball Wives" show, Tasha Marbury has rubbed people the wrong way. At first, it was the viewers who were...

“Basketball Wives” Recap: Tasha Marbury Demands Birthday Gifts from Tami and Tussles with Suzie

After serving as a doormat for Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman in previous seasons, Suzie Ketcham decides it's time to draw the line at...

Evelyn Lozada is Done with “Basketball Wives” After Season 5

I've made many a slick comment about Evelyn Lozada in the past -- and I was usually right, don't trip -- but I have...

“Basketball Wives” Recap: Tasha Marbury’s Hot Ghetto Mess Celebrity Weave Launch

At this point, it's becoming clear that Tasha Marbury is never gonna be in the inner circle of the "Basketball Wives" club. This despite...

“Basketball Wives” Recap: Tasha Marbury Pokes Fun at Evelyn’s Domestic Abuse

Friends. None of these "Basketball Wives" have them. Because if they did, they wouldn't be such harpies to one another. In the fifth episode of...

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