Since making her debut on the “Basketball Wives” show, Tasha Marbury has rubbed people the wrong way.

At first, it was the viewers who were turned off by Tasha’s holier-than-thou attitude and her standoffish behavior. But it wasn’t long before her castmates began to give her the cold shoulder too.

Last episode, Tasha confronted all of the ladies on their decision to bail on her birthday party after she showed up two hours late. There was a whole lot of shade thrown but there wasn’t much reconciliation. As if that encounter wasn’t heated enough, Tasha took it a step further and had a one-on-one pow wow with Suzie which resulted in the two of them shoving their hands in each other’s faces. Suzie topped it off by flipping Tasha’s hat to boot.

All I can say is that Suzie is very lucky that this is the “soft and easy” season of BBW cause these ratchet bitches would’ve let her have it if she tried that stunt two seasons ago.

Sensing that the time for a little good ol’ fashioned separation was in the air, we don’t see Tasha on camera at all the whole episode. Evelyn calls her on the phone to invite her to their annual girls’ trip but beyond that, she’s not heard from again.

But just because Tasha doesn’t make an appearance doesn’t mean she isn’t the subject of shade and gossip.

Tami Throws a Party


As part of their commitment to show the more positive side of the ladies’ lives, VH1 has to waste camera footage on the “business” side of these ex-wives, jump-offs and ex-girlfriends.

Tami Roman was among the loudest ones complaining about how they didn’t portray her kinder, gentler side so now we get to witness her nail polish launch. Now, Tami Roman is a lot of things. She’s the life of the party, a cold-stone maniac and a damn good hustler, but this whole nail polish thing just makes me laugh my ass off.

They really got Tami out here selling bootleg CVS nail polish from China with her name slapped on the bottle.

I mean, truth be told, it’s no more of a scam than that Vitamin Water junk 50 Cent got rich off of, but still. The only thing Tami did for this so-called business was get approached by a manufacturer who thought they could turn a quick dollar if they attached their commodity product to a demi celebrity.

Hey, ain’t no shame in that game. That formula works well for celebrity scents, right?

One thing you have to give Tami credit for though is her event planning steez. While Tasha’s weave bar was an unmitigated disaster, Tami’s nail polish launch is the exact opposite. It’s well-lit, properly decorated and best of all, there’s no terrifying Dora the Explorer-type mascot.

“Now this is a real event,” Suzie exclaims. Since Suzie is shady as hell, she can’t resist taking a jab at Tasha, so she follows that up by asking, “Where’s Big Diva?”

“She ain’t invited,” Evelyn snaps.

Tami’s reaction:

Afterward, once Shaunie arrives, Tami gathers all of the ladies for the first genuinely mushy moment of the season.


She says that she, Suzie, Shaunie and Evelyn are a “sisterhood” and that she looks up to them in what they do. Tami then gets teary eyed and the ladies hug it out.

While it’s easy to be cynical about this moment, you can appreciate Tami’s journey, since when she began BBW she didn’t have a penny to her name. So Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie literally helped lift her out of poverty by bringing her into their fold.

Let’s pause for this brief moment of maturity, affection and kindness.


Ok, that’s enough. Back to the ratchet!

Evelyn’s So-Called Life


I’m not sure what’s worse: Watching Evelyn mope about Chad or watching Evelyn walk around dazed and confused through her so-called “projects.”

There’s no denying that Evelyn is the Big Don Diva of the group but does that mean we really have to sit there and watch Evelyn try on a pair of skinny jeans that she had little-to-no hand in making but will get to claim she “designed” for her line?

When we’re not watching her fake her way through business meetings, Evelyn is busy talking with people. On the phone.


Trust me, we the viewers are equally as bored by these scenes as much as Evelyn is bored by that conversation with Suzie.

The whole point of Evelyn on this show is that she’s a firecracker. While it’s not okay for her to put hands on people, she does need to use her sharp tongue to cut these chickens down a notch or two.

But with Jennifer shooed out of the wolf pack and Tasha keeping her distance, Evelyn doesn’t have anyone to attack. The producers need to give Evelyn a rival or keep it moving. This is a waste of a TV shark.

Tami Ain’t Got Time for Cancer


In between weave bars, nail salons and afternoon lunches, Tami finds time to visit the doctor with her mother, who’s been diagnosed with liver cancer.

In this scene, Tami visits with her mother’s internal medicine doctor and complains that the previous doctor told her that her mother didn’t have long to live. This, she says, put her and her daughters on an emotional roller coaster and now she doesn’t have the energy to face the prospect of losing her mother to cancer, even though she’s been doing better.

Tami freely admits her point-of-view is selfish. While it’s understandable that Tami wants to reduce the emotional collateral damage her mother’s passing will cause, it still sounds heartless to say, “I can’t be emotionally available.”

You have to wonder how Tami’s mother feels about this. Producers never let her voice her opinion on Tami’s words.

A Toast to the Bougey Queen, Mrs. Tasha


As the episode comes to a close, Tami and Suzie meet up for wine and cheese. They gossip and rehash Suzie’s conflict with Tasha for the 15th time. And Suzie keeps trotting out this whole “Lil’ Tami” thing and Tami pushes back that Suzie needs to own her ratchet behavior and stop blaming it on her influence.

As the ladies chit chat about how things might play out when they go to London with Mrs. Tasha, the waitress swings by to ask them if they’d like to try some “Bugey” wine.

Tami and Suzie damn near fall out of their seats and Tami asks to see the bottle to verify that the wine is actually called Bugey.


Welp. Guess that foreshadowing means Tasha’s gonna be a pain in the ass on this London trip. Should be a jolly good time for all.

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