After serving as a doormat for Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman in previous seasons, Suzie Ketcham decides it’s time to draw the line at Tasha Marbury.

It’s one thing to get bullied by friends and acquaintances but getting shaded by some stranger bitch is a hell-naw in Suzie’s world.

The latest episode of “Basketball Wives” picks up with Evelyn gossiping with Tami over the hot mess that was Tasha’s weave bar launch and birthday party. Evelyn was quick to say what we all thought, “I think they should kick that mascot in the throat,” she says.


Tami dabbles in concern trolling by arguing that her phone call to tell Tasha that her weave bar might be infected with asbestos was simply a humanitarian effort. Now Tasha’s dusty, crumbly, ghetto-ass space might well could be infected with God knows what, but Tami said that shit to embarrass the hell out of ol’ girl, not to protect her.

But Tami gets the real tea when Evelyn fills her in on the drama that went down at Tasha’s birthday party.


As you’ll recall, Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie went to Tasha’s birthday party but the event turned out to be a dud as there weren’t very many guests and Tasha herself turned out to be two hours late. Despite all of the reasons Evelyn rattles off to justify for why she and her gal pals ditched Tasha’s party, you can tell she knows what she did was foul when she confesses, “Girl, we left.”

“Before she got there?” Tami quizzes.

Evelyn guiltily nods.

Next up, the Basketball Wives face off with an angry and bothered Mrs. Marbury.

Tasha calls a meeting to discuss the girls’ bad behavior and she enters the building like a professional wrestler. She skips the pleasantries and promptly takes a seat on the sofa to address the burning issue at hand.


“Where do we start? Let’s just get right to it,” Tasha says with a clenched jaw.

Damn, girl. Don’t let ’em know you mad.

Tasha addresses the girls by stating that she heard Tami’s excuse for not coming to her party, so what was everyone else’s?

Shaunie pipes up by saying, “Well we were at the birthday party on time. We didn’t get the memo to show up later.”


Shade well served, Shaunie.

Tasha counters that it’s her party so she can be as late as she wants to be, but she knows that doesn’t sound too good so she counters that she’s pretty sure she wasn’t two hours late.

That’s a lie and she knows it. Tasha can’t have it both ways, either it matters that she was late or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t matter, than she shouldn’t be defensive about how late she was.

Now truth be told, waiting two hours for someone to show up for their own birthday party is a hot mess. But I also know that these bitches have been more than two hours late to an event in the past. So acting like Tasha’s tardiness is completely out of character is just Evelyn and Shaunie’s way of alienating and excluding Tasha. As Tasha pointed out, the girls could’ve gone and come back if they were concerned about the lack of attendees at the party.

But after going back and forth with Shaunie, who by the way is not having it with Tasha today, Mrs. Marbury and Evelyn discuss their “gift” which was pretty much a bag full of dildos and sex toys. Tasha wasn’t too impressed with all the plastic peen.

“I like a warm body,” she confesses.

Evelyn acts shocked by Tasha’s obvious admission and exclaims that they spent like $300 on all the gag gifts. Like $300 isn’t what she tips her sew-in lady. Evelyn can get the hell outta here with that $300 mess. How bout $300 won’t even get you a new iPad, so she can stop acting like she broke the bank for Tasha.

But Mrs. Marbury busts out with a jaw-dropper by demanding a gift from Tami.


“Where’s your gift, by the way,” Tasha demands matter of factly.


The record in Tami’s mind stopped spinning right then and there. Did this bitch really just demand a gift from her?

“You don’t think requesting gifts is tacky?” Tami says.

“No, you bring a gift to a birthday party,” Tasha says.

“But I didn’t go to the birthday party,” Tami points out.

“I mean I’m just throwing out a suggestion that if you would like to give me a gift, it’s still my birthday month,” Tasha suggests.

“Ok, we gon’ celebrate it all month,” Tami says sarcastically.

Tasha, Tasha, Tasha, don’t do that. This was the most basic display of pressed behavior ever broadcast on national television.

Tasha Marbury is wealthy beyond belief. She doesn’t NEED any gifts, she can have whatever the hell she wants with the snap of her fingers. So why is she out here begging for scraps like a Mexican street child sellin’ chicle?

Throughout the discussion that takes place, Tasha and Suzie trade barbs. Tasha calls Suzie out as a follower and Suzie snipes back that the disastrous weave bar opening went better than her birthday party and she quips that Tami should give Tasha a watch as a gift so Tasha can be on time.

The feisty exchanges between Suzie and Tasha should end here, but they don’t.

Suzie vs. Tasha Round 3


After a good ol’ fashioned pep talk with Tami, Suzie decides to visit Tasha in her hotel suite for a one-on-one conversation.

In true Suzie fashion, she opens the conversation by saying, “F**k you.”

Yes, because saying “f**k you” is a great first step to smoothing things over.

Tasha, understandably, doesn’t swallow that too well and before you know it, the two are trading insults back and forth.

“I felt like I was getting the brunt of the shit and attitude from you when I didn’t really do anything and I don’t know where that came from,” Suzie says. “And I know that you never would’ve treated Tami that way or put your hand in Tami’s face because you know that Tami would’ve punched you square in the face.”

While it’s true that Tasha would’ve never raised a hand to Tami or talked to Tami in that manner, Suzie’s lying when she says she didn’t do anything. She’s been shading Tasha from day one when she peppered the girl with questions about her husband’s infidelity over dinner. Suzie has been trying it with Tasha and she needs to own it.

But Tami and Evelyn put a battery pack in Suzie’s back so she gets buck and hype so Tasha escorts Suzie out of her suite. But Tasha’s wounded pride doesn’t allow it to end there, so she doubles back to confront Suzie again while she waits for the elevator.

Before you know it, the two are putting their hands in each other’s faces and then Suzie chases Tasha down and smacks the hat off of Tasha’s head.


Suzie be playing the wrong games. She talks about how Tasha would’ve acted differently if she’d been dealing with Tami but the same applies here. Suzie would’ve never put her hands up in Tami’s face or smacked the hat off of her head. But she feels comfortable doing that with Tasha because she’s the new girl and she knows that the other ladies aren’t feeling too hot about Mrs. Marbury after her aggressive confrontation about her birthday party.

Let’s just keep it really real here, folks.

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