Forget what you heard. Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman are NOT the biggest troublemakers on “Basketball Wives”. That honor, ladies and gentlemen, comfortably rests in Suzie Ketcham’s hands now.

After getting flippant and sassy with Tasha Marbury, Suzie decides to up the ante in the season finale when she’s confronted with BBW season four cast mate Kenya Bell.

It all starts when Tami breaks the news to the ladies at the bowling alley that Kenya reached out and asked for the girls to attendee her performance of her new single. They all groan and complain about going but end up going in the end because….hey, they’ve got a contract to honor so they don’t have much choice.


For whatever reason, Suzie is out to shame and blame Kenya Bell for something rotten in her life, cause she’s Joe Jackson-level mad at MJ. So while she sits at the girl’s new single release party, Suzie whips out a bag of ripe tomatoes which she instructs the ladies to throw on stage at Kenya if her performance offends anyone.

Sensing how Suzie’s Mean Girl stunt will play out poorly on TV, Shaunie admonishes Suzie for bringing the old fruit and convinces her to abandon that strategy.


Kenya then hits the stage a 2000 and late onesie that looks like something she fished out of Beyonce’s garbage bin from two tours ago. She hits the stage solo with no background dancers or props, and we’re forced to suffer through Kenya’s attempts at singing and dancing at the same time. Kenya clearly was hoping she’d knock the crowd dead, but the only thing she killed was her sense of rhythm and her achy, breaky diaphragm.

Hilariously, all of the ladies in attendance opt to make gas faces to display their displeasure and disgust with Kenya Bell’s attempt at pop stardom.


Here’s the thing: Putting aside the qualities of her voice, Kenya needs to understand that Beyonce didn’t happen overnight. Also, Beyonce’s dance moves don’t look like she’s suffering from arthritis and epileptic seizures.

After Kenya’s performance, she stops by to say hello to the girls and Suzie immediately launches into the subject matter of the song and asks if she’s referring to any of the ladies as “haters.” Kenya coyly denies that any of the ladies present are the source of inspiration, which contradicts what she told Tami. But the conversation stops there before the ladies can give Kenya proper shade for her crap-ass performance.

Fast forward to Kenya inviting the gals over to her place so they can talk about her performance. Kenya invites the ladies in and she has fruit and snacks prepared for them to sample.


Tami, who claims to be friendly and fond of Kenya, initiates her critique of Kenya’s performance. First, she compliments Kenya’s voice but then she adds that she was a little “winded.” Which is basically code for: You sounded a hot mess.


Kenya isn’t here for the shade though, and she responds with a shady, “Oh.” She then proceeds to talk about how her record label exec was there and how she’ll be having a meeting with THEM later to discuss how she can improve, if need be. Basically, she told Tami to mind her bidness.

To her credit, Tami takes the shade from Kenya without issue and moves on. Sour Suzie, however, just can’t let go of the idea that she and the rest of the girls are the subjects of Kenya’s anti-hater anthem.

So she confronts Kenya about it and before you know it, Suzie is telling ol’ girl that she doesn’t “give a f**k about her” and then she throws something at Kenya and gets to hairpulling and fighting.


Now because VH1 is trying to deemphasize the violence on its shows, we don’t get to see the full fight, but Tami does say that Suzie got her ass beat. Whoops!

Despite the loss, Suzie is rather pleased with herself for “standing up” to people. Suzie has a very corrupted sense of self-defense. It’s not self-defense if you provoke, antagonize and agitate someone into getting into a fight with you. It’s just bullying.

Tasha Confronts Crazy Stalker Monet


In one of the most random setups and scenes in “BBW” history, Tasha rambles about some crazy stalker who’s been harassing her on Twitter. Now as social media has grown more popular and commonplace, Twitter beef spilling over into reality TV is nothing new.

But it sure as hell IS NEW to invite said stalker for a sitdown with you and your cast mates. Awkward.


The woman, whose name is Monet, apparently claims to have a relationship with Tasha’s husband, Stephon. Tasha claims there is nothing going on between the two and that Monet is batshit crazy and making it up.

In a pleasant surprise of solidarity and unity, the ladies all support Tasha and basically shame Monet into leaving by calling her insane, a stalker and crazy.

Who’s really crazy though? The person who acts out on social media or the genius who invites this crazed individual on TV for a televised “meeting”?

The best thing about this whole encounter is when Monet walks in and greets Evelyn by name. Tami, who wastes no time in poking fun at Ev’s expense, loudly exclaims, “Oh! First-name basis. Boop!”


Evelyn keeps her composure but in the confessional she admits that she was taken aback by the unexpected familiarity. “You would’ve thought we were like BFFs, honey. I was like, ‘hey, girl!'” she says.


Bitches be trippin’.

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