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The Ex-Boyfriend of Blac Chyna’s New Boyfriend Blasts Their Relationship: “You Can Have That Sis”

Blac Chyna just made her new relationship Instagram official and things are already getting very messy.

Ray J’s Pregnant Wife Princess Love Says He Left Her & Their Daughter Melody “Stranded in Vegas”

A VERY pregnant Princess Love has put her husband Ray J on blast for leaving her and their daughter 1-year-old Melody "stranded" in Las Vegas.

Iman Shumpert Puts “Thirsty” Groupie Celina Powell on Blast: “You Built Bad … I Would Never!”

The NBA player—who is happily married to Teyana Taylor, with whom he shares a 2-year-old daughter—recently took to his IG stories to expose notorious groupie Celina Powell, who is known for stalking celebs and exposing them when they bite the bait.

Bobby V Outted For Another Sexual Encounter With Transwoman Brandi “Barbie” Clark?

After making the rounds on social media for getting caught with his pants down with a transwoman, report of Bobby's lust for translove surfaces in yet ANOTHER alleged encounter.

Bobby V Admits It Was Him in Transgender Prostitute Video, Claims He’s Being Extorted & Didn’t Know She Was Transgender

The former R&B star was caught with his pants down (literally) but claims he's actually the victim.

Video Shows Bobby V Running Out of Transgender Sex Worker’s Apartment Without Paying

The singer was allegedly caught on video skipping out on the bill after a tryst with a transgender sex worker.

“For the Record, I Love You”: Kirk Frost Begs Jasmine Washington Not to Dump Him in Alleged Text Messages

Jasmine Washington didn’t attend the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, but that didn’t stop her from defending herself with receipts.

Blac Chyna Blasts Tyga in Early Morning Snapchat Rant, Twitter Reacts With Hilarious Memes

She questioned his sexuality, claimed he doesn’t pay child support, and accused him of badmouthing her to Kylie Jenner and her other baby daddy, Rob Kardashian.

Kenya Moore Strikes Back, Exposes All of Matt Jordan’s Violent Behavior on Instagram Using His Mugshots

Kenya took to Instagram to expose all of his violent behavior she witnessed during their relationship that was not captured by a camera crew.

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez Battle in Court, Judge Denies Stevie’s Request to Extend Restraining Order

The tension we saw between Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez during the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion special has spilled over into the...

Kim Kardashian Releases Video Footage Exposing Taylor Swift As A Liar Regarding Kanye West’s “Famous”

Listen, we say a lot of stuff about Kim Kardashian, but I got to give her a shout out for the way she just...

NFL Player Deonte Thompson Put on Blast by Side Chick on His Wedding Day

NFL player Deonte Thompson’s marriage might be over before it even begins. The Chicago Bears receiver recently married his girlfriend of 10 years in a...

Calvin Harris Puts Taylor Swift On Blast in His Instagram Comments

Taylor Swift’s ex is taking a page from her book. But instead of a song, he’s putting it on Instagram. Calvin Harris has been bombarded...

Swae Lee Blasts Dirty Skateboarding Groupie for Trying to Expose Stank Sex Session

Rae Sremmurd wasn't lying when they said they ain't got no type. This past weekend, one half of the rap duo, Swae Lee was exposed...

Rihanna Blasts Matt Barnes on Instagram for Insinuating They’re Dating

Matt Barnes just lost any chance (if he even had one to begin with) of dating one of the hottest female pop stars in...

Floyd Mayweather Says He Broke Off Engagement Because His Fiancée Aborted “Our Twin Babies”

Floyd Mayweather Jr. used his social media accounts to make a shocking revelation Thursday morning (May 1). He claims that the reason he broke...

Lil Scrappy & Momma Dee: Diamond Is A Fake, Lying “Industry Ho”

"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" stars Lil Scrappy and Momma Dee are firing back at Diamond in response to her "Breakfast Club" interview, calling the...

Diamond BLASTS Lil Scrappy & Momma Dee in “Breakfast Club” Interview

Shots fired!!! Diamond called out Lil Scrappy and Momma Dee in a recent interview with "The Breakfast Club." The former Crime Mob rapper dropped by the Power 105.1...

#IsThisYoThot? 2 Chainz & His Crew Clown Groupie for Sneaking Backstage

Last week, 2 Chainz posted a video on YouTube, documenting a thirsty groupie's semi-successful attempt to sneak backstage after one of his shows and...

“Real Housewives of Atlanta”: Kenya Moore Exposes Christopher Williams, Who DENIED Being Married in 2013 Interview!

Leave it to ol' messy azz Kenya Moore to dig up some dirt on someone, but you have to give props where props are...

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