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VH1 Cancels “Single Ladies” After 3 Seasons

Well, it's about damn time! In news you certainly saw coming from a mile away, VH1 has announced that they are canceling their flagship TV...

“Single Ladies” Season 3 Super Trailer (VIDEO)

"Single Ladies" officially returns to your TV sets tonight another season of crazy and wild adventures. The show's third season returns with fan favorites LisaRaye...

LisaRaye and Her Preacher Boyfriend Are Heading To Reality TV

There have long been rumors that LisaRaye -- the artist formally known as Diamond and ex-First Lady of Turks & Caicos -- was dating...

Watch “Single Ladies” Season 2 Episode 14: ‘Finally’ (Season Finale)

In this episode of VH1's "Single Ladies" (the season finale!) ... Keisha comes face to face with a stalker and is subsequently forced to make a difficult choice between the men in her life. And after meeting Charles' current flame, Padma, Raquel realizes that she must confess her love or possibly lose him forever. Elsewhere, When April meets Reggie's family, she learns something about him that rocks her world; Morgan is swept up in romance with a mysterious Middle-Eastern businessman who offers her an opportunity of a lifetime; and Omar's new crush threatens his budding relationship with Parker in ways he could have never imagined.

Watch “Single Ladies” Season 2 Episode 13: ‘Still In Love With You’

In this episode of VH1's "Single Ladies," Keisha's relationship with Sean is threatened when Malcolm asks for her help with a problematic situation, and Raquel thinks her breakup with Charles must have been fate when Antonio reappears in her life. Elsewhere, a distrusting April is wooed by Reggie, who pulls out all the stops to get her back into his arms, and Omar finds his private life going public when he dates a comedian.

Watch “Single Ladies” Season 2 Episode 12: ‘All or Nothing’

In this week's episode of VH1's "Single Ladies," Keisha's doubts about Sean disappear when he comes to her rescue after she's victimized; And while shopping for a birthday gift for Charles, Raquel encounters Gavin, a sexy musician, and their strong connection makes her re-examine her relationship with Charles. Meanwhile, April manages to find closure from her break-up with Reggie, but it's short-lived when he returns with an unexpected proposal; Omar falls for a young designer whose ambition knows no bounds; and the attention of an older man forces Morgan to ponder whether age is truly just a number.

Watch “Single Ladies” Season 2 Episode 11: ‘Stormy Weather’

In this week's episode of VH1's "Single Ladies," while a tornado threatens to touch down near the boutique, Raquel gets trapped in an elevator with Charles, who shares a surprising revelation. And after an eye-opening encounter with Malcolm, Keisha finally commits to Sean, only to discover he's been committed elsewhere. Meanwhile, April and Reggie's last-minute vacation plans are cancelled by the storm; as they wait it out, a new storm brews between them. Elsewhere, Omar finds a unique way to cope with cabin fever; and Morgan celebrates her three-week anniversary with Jobari but learns something about him that threatens their future.

Watch “Single Ladies” Season 2 Episode 10: ‘Fast Love’

In this week's episode of VH1's "Single Ladies," Malcolm re-enters Keisha's life with an offer to sell his father's mansion. And during the property's auction, Keisha finds herself caught between battling divas, Sharon Love and Laila Twilight, whose competition escalates as they each try to be the highest bidder. Meanwhile, Raquel worries Charles isn't interested in her because he keeps finding excuses to delay intimacy; April's relationship with Reggie hits a snag when she complains about his lovemaking skills; Omar's new man's addiction to social media threatens their budding relationship; and Morgan learns the hard way to think before she speaks when her mouth gets her into trouble at work and at home.

Watch “Single Ladies” Season 2 Episode 9: ‘The Business of Friendship’

In this week's episode of VH1's "Single Ladies," Raquel and Charles' game playing creates a rough patch in their young relationship. Meanwhile, Raquel and Keisha have business dealings with Nicolette, a former supermodel with her own clothing line and a combative reputation. As Winston re-appears to wine and dine Keisha, Malcolm contacts her wanting to break their silence. April and Reggie find their transition from friends to lovers to be easier said than done. And for the first time in his life, Omar deals with romantic rejection. Also, Morgan's decision to be the initiator of a date has unforeseen consequences.

Watch “Single Ladies” Season 2 Episode 8: ‘Is This Love?’

In this week's episode of VH1's "Single Ladies," Keisha's platonic relationship with Sean unexpectedly heats up and she considers going all the way with him; Raquel finds dating two guys at the same time complicated when she runs into Nate while on a date with Charles; April develops feelings for her close buddy, Reggie, and debates whether or not to act on them; Raquel hires Morgan, a vivacious, fun single mom, to work at the boutique; and a sordid incident from Shelly's past becomes public and threatens her relationship with James, as well as his campaign for city council.

Watch “Single Ladies” Season 2 Episode 7: ‘Eat, Play, Love’

In this week's episode of VH1's "Single Ladies," Keisha has a whirlwind relationship with a captivating British military officer who has a surprising secret; Raquel goes out with Charles, the intriguing guy she met at the Kappa Boule Ball, then meets sexy auto mechanic Nate, and decides to date them both; April runs into her ex-husband Darryl and is shocked to learn the identity of his new girlfriend; and Omar avoids going to his class reunion because he thinks he's a failure.

Watch “Single Ladies” Season 2 Episode 6: ‘Deuces’

In this week's episode of VH1's "Single Ladies," Keisha learns a secret about Malcolm's new girlfriend, Taylor, which ultimately threatens Keisha's own relationship with Malcolm. Meanwhile, Raquel is attracted to a much younger man and weighs the pros and cons of dating him; April babysits a bad boy R&B singer to ensure he shows up for a gig she booked; Omar's family troubles continue when the homophobic Marcus proposes to Presley; and Shelly's past relationship with a bad boy threatens her current one with rising political star James.

Watch “Single Ladies” Season 2 Episode 5: ‘The Fabric of Our Lives’

In this week's episode of VH1's "Single Ladies," Keisha loses big in a poker game to Luke, a sexy gambler, but vows to win it all back no matter what it takes; Raquel dates a former professional football player whose beauty is only skin deep; April continues to date Jack the stripper, but struggles with the realities of his profession; and Omar and his sister Presley's boyfriend, Marcus, almost come to blows when Marcus says the wrong thing.

Watch “Single Ladies” Season 2 Episode 4: ‘Ex-Factor’

In this week's episode of VH1's "Single Ladies," the girls attend the lavish Kappa Boule Ball where Raquel meets an intriguing guy, but also learns a family secret that shatters her foundation. Meanwhile, April secretly dates a stripper, and Keisha is surprised to run into Malcolm at the Ball and is shocked to learn why he is there.

Watch “Single Ladies” Season 2 Episode 3: ‘No Ordinary Love’

In this week's episode of VH1's "Single Ladies," Keisha contends with an unexpected development at one of her real estate listings, while also contending with trying to completely break it off with Malcolm. Elsewhere, Raquel and her first love, Antonio, get hot and heavy until he reveals some shocking news that may prove too much for her to handle; April wonders if she's lost her dating mojo and worries about her bond with Keisha; and Omar gets engaged to Derek, but has second thoughts.

Watch “Single Ladies” Season 2 Episode 2: ‘I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On’

In this week's episode of VH1's "Single Ladies," Keisha is still in hot water with the IRS and prevails on her past love, Sean, to get her out of it, much to Malcolm's consternation. And Keisha's frustration with Malcolm builds to a boiling point when she discovers he's still involved with his ex-wife. Meanwhile, April takes the girls roller-skating and falls head over wheels for a guy with a fixation on a certain body part; Raquel starts to take professional, as well as personal, chances when she attempts to buy the boutique and reunites with her forbidden first love; and Omar and Derek adopt, but are at odds over their different parenting styles.

Watch “Single Ladies” Season 2 Episode 1 (Premiere): ‘Slave to Love’

Missed last night's season two premiere of VH1's very first original scripted dramedy "Single Ladies?" Well don't worry, because we have you covered! "Single Ladies"...

VH1 Releases “Single Ladies 2” Super Trailer [VIDEO]

Get ready for an all-new season of "Single Ladies!" From VH1: "Single Ladies" is a romantic comedy series about Keisha, Raquel and April - best friends...

VH1 Releases “Single Ladies” Season 2 Promo Ad [VIDEO]

After a brief hiatus, VH1's "Single Ladies" is back for another season! Following the departure of Stacey Dash and her character Val, Season 2 introduces...

Watch VH1’s “Single Ladies” – Episode 11 (Season Finale)

Check out Episode 11 (the SEASON FINALE) of VH1's new scripted drama "Single Ladies" (starring Stacey Dash, LisaRaye and more)! http://www.megavideo.com/v/BVYTL3ZLf0db81c1836ae401de0765facbd29869

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