New York Man Arrested for Murder After Admitting to Killing Dad & Eating Some of His Body Parts

A Brooklyn man is making headlines for allegedly killing his father and eating parts of his body. 26-year-old Khaled Ahmad was arrested on Wednesday (Apr....

3-Year-Old Girl Sexually Assaulted by 34-Year-Old Man in McDonald’s Bathroom While Her Dad Was in the Next Stall

Accused of one of the most horrifying and repulsive crimes, a Chicago man has been arrested for sexually assaulting a 3-year-old girl in a McDonald's bathroom stall right next to the girl's father.

Florida Woman Caught on Surveillance Video Peeing Into Ice Cream Bucket & Spitting on Ice Cream

66-year-old Jung Soon Wypcha was arrested after she was caught on surveillance video at a local ice cream shop spitting in ice cream, picking her nose and touching the ice cream, and urinating in a bucket used to churn ice cream, forcing the shop to close for several days.

Minister Performed Oral Sex on Men to Suck Evil Spirits Out Through Their Penis in Bizarre Exorcism Ritual

A 69-year-old Presbyterian minister in New Jersey is accused of performing oral sex on men in a bizarre exorcism ritual in which he claimed to suck "evil spirits" out of them through their penises.

New R. Kelly “Sex Tape” Shows Singer Choking 14-Year-Old Girl While Having Anal Intercourse

Attorney Michael Avenatti is reportedly getting ready to show prosecutors a new "sex tape" showing R. Kelly molesting a 14-year-old girl, and sources say that it's even more shocking than the first one.

Mugshot Madness: Father & Daughter Arrested for Incest After Their Baby Died

The Laurens County Sheriff's Office says 20-year-old Katlyn Lauren Edwards and her 38-year-old father James Travis Brown were engaged in an unnatural sexual relationship, which resulted in Edwards being impregnated by Brown and the eventual birth of child that died.

2-Week-Old Baby Hospitalized in Critical Condition After Alleged Rape By 25-Year-Old Man

A two-week-old baby is reportedly fighting for its tiny little life in the intensive care unit of a hospital after allegedly being raped, and the main suspect is a 25-year-old male.

Ya Nasty! Kentucky Siblings Indicted on Incest Charges After Having Hillbilly Brother-Sister Sex

27-year-old Derrick Lee Clarke and his 28-year-old sister, D'Nea G. Stephens, both form Leitchfield, Kentucky, were recently indicted on incest charges after they were caught having sex with each other.

Jerry Lee Curry: Fast Facts About Father Who Raped, Chained & Beat Mentally Disabled Twin Daughters for 10 Years

51-year-old Jerry Lee Curry of Minnesota was arrested and charged in Hennepin County District Court for crimes involving sexual conduct, abuse and stalking, which left his adult twins—who suffer from mental disabilities—with injuries consistent with torture.

High School Boys Fed Baked Turnover With Semen Frosting to Female Teacher

If you thought someone spitting in your food was gross, just wait until you hear what two high school students did to their home economics teacher.

Emmaleigh Barringer: Some Things to Know About 10-Month-Old Baby Girl Raped & Beat to Death by Mom’s Boyfriend

#JusticeforEmmaleigh has become a trending hashtag on social media after a 10-month-old was raped and brutally beaten by her mother's boyfriend.

Mama June Let Honey Boo Boo Hang Out with Her Child Molester Boyfriend

If you're following the terribly disturbing news surrounding Honey Boo Boo and her family, brace yourself for news that is sure to make anyone...

Honey Boo Boo’s Mama June Reportedly Dating Man Who Molested Her Daughter Anna When She Was 8 Years Old

Just when you thought this Honey Boo Boo child molester scandal couldn't get any worse, it goes and does. On Thursday (Oct 23), TMZ broke...

Cops Physically Separate Drunk Threesome Having Sex in Public Hot Tub

Three very horny individuals -- one man, two women -- were arrested on public sex charges in Peoria, Arizona after cops busted them in...

World’s Worst 911 Dispatcher Tells Rape Victim “Quit Crying!”

Having to call 911 is stressful enough (unless you're crying wolf), but what would you do if the operator on the other end of...

Over 270 Nigerian Schoolgirls Kidnapped, Reportedly Sold Into Marriage

We've all heard about Donald Sterling's racist comments against black people, and you can't watch the news without hearing about the Malaysian Airlines jet...

South Carolina Man Arrested For Taking A Sh*t In Hotel Lobby

South Carolina police arrested a man for taking a big ol' dump in the middle of a hotel lobby floor. According to reports, 31-year-old Ronnie...

Georgia Mom Tells Police She Killed 3-Year-Old Daughter Over Boyfriend Breaking Up With Her

A Georgia woman was arrested last Monday (Feb. 24) and charged with the murder of her 3-year-old daughter, and she told police that she...

Florida Parents Almost Let Son Drown in Bathtub Because They Were Too Busy Having Sex

Two Florida "parents" (and we use that term VERY loosely...) are facing charges of child and abuse and child neglect for leaving their child...

Woman Finds Video of Boyfriend Having Sex with Her Dog on His Cell Phone

Women who go through their boyfriends' cell phones sometimes end up finding things that are unpleasant. But what one British woman found on her...

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