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Texas Teen Arrested for Threatening to Spread COVID-19: “If I’m Going Down, All You Motherf**kers Are Going Down!”

Texas police have arrested 18-year-old Lorraine Maradiaga after she posted a video on Snapchat claiming to be intentionally spreading the COVID-19 virus.

Snapchat Still Can’t Figure Out How to Make Money

Unlike Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, social media's youngest sibling is having problems turning a profit.

No Surprise Here: Dylann Roof’s Sister Morgan Arrested for Bringing Weapons to School, Says She Wished Black Students Got Shot on National Walkout Day

Morgan Roof, the sister of Charleston Church shooter Dylann Roof, was arrested A.C. Flora High School in Columbia, South Carolina after she was found with pepper spray, a knife, and marijuana on school grounds. She also posted a Snapchat saying that she hoped the students who were participating in National Walkout Day would "get shot."

Blac Chyna Blasts Tyga in Early Morning Snapchat Rant, Twitter Reacts With Hilarious Memes

She questioned his sexuality, claimed he doesn’t pay child support, and accused him of badmouthing her to Kylie Jenner and her other baby daddy, Rob Kardashian.

Deserae Turner: Things to Know About Teens Who Shot Girl in the Head Over Snapchat Messages

Back in February, Deserae Turner of Logan, Utah was reported missing after she never returned home from school. Here are some things you need to know.

University of South Carolina Student Mocks Black History Month With Blackface Snapchat

To celebrate Black History Month, Madeline Maynor, a white University of South Carolina student, decided to paint her face black and post a Snapchat, featuring a "Young, Black & Proud" image overlay/filter ... possibly as a "joke."

“Locked the Black Bitch Out”: Some Things to Know About North Dakota Students’ Racist Snapchat Photo

A racist Snapchat showing 3 white college students who allegedly locked a black woman out of her dorm room and referred to her as a racial slur has gone viral on social media.

Is Brandy OK? The Singer Responds to Monica’s “The Real” Interview With Strange Snapchat Videos

Continuing on the petty train she’s been riding lately, Brandy, through several strange videos, has seemingly responded to Monica’s interview on The Real.

Paige Shoemaker: Some Things to Know About KSU Student “Expelled” for Blackface Selfie on Snapchat

A former Kansas State University student has caused an uproar on social media after posting a picture appearing to show her and a friend in "blackface" on Snapchat.

Is Apple Copying Snapchat Too? Tech Giant Reportedly Developing Video-Sharing Social App

Apple is still trying to carve out a lane in the social media world. Bloomberg reports the technology giant is developing software that’s extremely...

Blac Chyna Calls Out “Fake Ass Bitches” in Hilarious Snapchat Rant

Blac Chyna would like a word with all of the “fake ass bitches” in the world. The video vixen went on an epic rant last...

Draymond Green Shares NSFW Dick Pic on Snapchat, Continues String of Bad Luck

Draymond Green has not been having a good couple of months. First, he was suspended in the Finals which helped the Cavs come back and...

Kim Kardashian Releases Video Footage Exposing Taylor Swift As A Liar Regarding Kanye West’s “Famous”

Listen, we say a lot of stuff about Kim Kardashian, but I got to give her a shout out for the way she just...

No Chill: Gilbert Arenas is an Absolute Fool, Torments Nick Young & Nick Jr. on Snapchat

Former NBA player, Gilbert Arenas, paid an unexpected visit to his friend Nick Young’s house. And let’s just Arenas was either high as kite...

DJ Khaled Wants to Snapchat His Son’s Birth, If His Fiancée Allows It

DJ Khaled's Snapchat might get a bit more interesting in the coming months. The hitmaker has revealed plans to Snapchat the birth of his firstborn...

Keri Hilson Deep Throats Popsicle, Proves to the Haters She’s Talented After All

Don’t ever claim Keri Hilson has no talent ever again! The singer is often dragged online for making negative comments about Beyoncé and criticisms of...

Kylie Jenner & Blac Chyna: PSYCH!! “We’ve Been Best Friends The Whole Time”

Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna want us all to think things are cool between them now, even though we know it's really not. On Thursday (Apr...

Rob Kardashian Gets a Kiss From Blac Chyna in Snapchat Photo

Rob Kardashian has officially come out of hiding, and he looks happy as ever.

Teen Arrested for Murder After Snapchat Selfie with Victim’s Body

A teenager from Pennsylvania is facing murder charges after he allegedly shot his classmate in the face and posed for a "selfie" with the...

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