Former NBA player, Gilbert Arenas, paid an unexpected visit to his friend Nick Young’s house. And let’s just Arenas was either high as kite or just annoying as hell. Hell, maybe a bit of both.

Arenas documented his visit via Snapchat. First he jumped the gate and then proceeded to tease Young on topics such as his split from Iggy Azalea and how the LA Lakers player has a basketball court in his backyard, but rarely gets any court time during the season.

While holding a knife, he even claimed he was the “new OJ” and insinuated he knew how to take care of Young’s baby mama drama.

If that’s not disturbing enough, the 34-year-old taunts Young’s 4-year-old son multiple times. He pushes the kid’s toy off the couch, throws his scooter, and clowns the little boy when he begins to cry.

Arenas’ Snapchat antics eventually went viral and Twitter definitely had something to say.

Nick Young looks uncomfortable and unsure how to handle Arenas in several of the clips. The man is having a rough time of late and most likely has no interest in dealing with Arenas’ foolishness. Although Young did Iggy dirty, even he doesn’t deserve a guest coming into his house, taunting his son and causing nothing but chaos.

You can follow Arenas at NoChillGil on Snapchat if you want to witness all his craziness for yourself.

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