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Trystan Andrew Terrell Identified as University of North Carolina Charlotte Shooter

22-year-old Trystan Andrew Terrell has been identified as the student who shot six people, killing two, on the campus of University of North Carolina Charlotte.

The NCAA Should Be Paying Zion Williamson & Other College Athletes: Here’s Why!

The NCAA generated more than $1 billion in revenue in the 2016-2017, and their athletes should be fairly compensated for their hardwork. Here's why.

Student Sets Off Bomb & Opens Fire at College in Crimea, Killing 19 & Wounding 70 Others

Tragedy struck a college in Crimea during the morning of Wednesday, October 17th when a lone 18-year-old set off an explosion before going on a shooting rampage. The student, Vladislav Roslyakov, killed at least 19 people and wounded an additional 70.

College Football Player Dies After Jumping From 16th Story Dorm Window

21-year-old Marquis Brown—a junior running back at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania—was reportedly being questioned by campus police in response to an altercation on the 16th floor of his dorm Thursday (Oct. 4) when he jumped out of the window.

NYU Issues Half-Assed Apology for Racist Black History Month Meal That Featured Kool-Aid, Watermelon Water & Collard Greens

New York University is in serious hot water after serving a "special" meal "dedicated" to Black History Month that has made headlines and left...

Bethune-Cookman University Graduates Booed Betsy DeVos During Her Entire Commencement Speech

Education Secretary and billionaire Betsy DeVos gave the commencement speech at a historically black college. And yep, it went exactly how you think would, possibly even worse.

Mott Community College “Active Shooter” Closings: Things You Need To Know

Monday morning (Feb. 6), students at Mott Community College woke up to emails and social media posts informing them that all locations were closed due to an "active shooter" threat. Here are some things to know about this developing situation.

Ohio State University Car-and-Knife Attack: Some Things You Need to Know

At least ten people have been injured and a suspect has been killed during a horrific "car-and-knife attack" that happened at Ohio State University Monday morning (Nov. 28).

WATCH: OSU Anti-Trump Protester Violently Tackled From Behind by Fellow Student

A recent anti-Trump protest at Ohio State was interrupted when a supporter of the Donald decided to end it early by tackling the speaker to the ground.

KKK Recruitment Flyers Found on Clemson University Campus

Students at Clemson University were greeted with something they wouldn't expect to find on their campus -- recruitment flyers for the Ku Klux Klan.

Paige Shoemaker: Some Things to Know About KSU Student “Expelled” for Blackface Selfie on Snapchat

A former Kansas State University student has caused an uproar on social media after posting a picture appearing to show her and a friend in "blackface" on Snapchat.

First Lady Michelle Obama and Bow Wow Spotted at Howard University

Michelle Obama and Bow Wow joined 37 students from Chicago public high schools Thursday (Apr 17) for an exclusive tour of Howard University. According to...

Watch Oprah’s Inspirational Commencement Speech to Harvard University’s Class of 2013

Oprah Winfrey may have many scratching their heads as they wonder how in the hell OWN ended up being a pre-game outlet for Tyler...

College Expenses Getting You Down? There’s a Sugar Daddy for That!

When the economy sank into ruin, those responsible for running the country into the ground were exempt from facing the consequences of their actions....

Sorority Girls at Indiana University Throw Homeless-Themed Party

As the world plunges further into economic ruin, you would think that making fun of those that have nothing and are out on the...

College Professor Fired After Getting Caught Watching Porn On Classroom Projector

A word to the wise: If you find yourself horny during the middle of a long day at work -- and your job happens...

University of Colorado Gives Women Some Interesting Tips to Avoid Rape

Rape is a subject that should be broached with dignity, sympathy and a certain level of respect. However, judging from the conversations about rape...

Butt Drunk: It’s What All the Frat Boys at University of Tennessee Are Doing

Keg stands? Those are so year 2000 and oh-so late. What's in these days are alcohol enemas. You heard right, members of the Pi...

USC: Rob Kardashian Is NOT Attending Law School Here!

Party boy Rob Kardashian, who gets teased a lot by his older sisters about being job-less, recently tweeted that he would be heading back...

Penn State Attempts to Renovate Jerry Sandusky’s Shame Away

When institutions are caught doing bad things, the people in charge often try to sweep the dirt under the rug. Penn State University, on the...

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