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Hawaiian Man Wears Blackface in Court to Avoid Life in Prison: “Today I’m Gonna Be a Black Man”

Mark Char, of Oahu, was found guilty in March of attempted murder and assault after he was involved in a triple stabbing during a 2016 road rage incident.

VIDEO: Disgusting Woman Poops On Coffee Shop Floor & Throws It At Employee After Being Denied Bathroom Access

A woman was recently caught on camera taking a dump on a Tim Hortons floor, picking her poop up with her hands, and then throwing it at an employee!

Amanda Bynes Is About to Lose It Again, Posts Bizarre Tweets From “Secret” Account

Just when we thought Amanda Bynes was doing well, she goes and takes 500 steps backward. The disturbed child star seems to be reverting...

Orlando Brown Threatens TMZ’s Harvey Levin, Accuses Raven Symone of Aborting His Baby in Bizarre Music Video

Former child star Orlando Brown (of "That's So Raven" fame) is calling TMZ's owner Harvey Levin and his staff out in his new music video...

Jordin Sparks’ Ex Sage the Gemini Begs for Her to Take Him Back in Bizarre Open Letter on Instagram

Jordin Sparks refuses to return Sage the Gemini's phone calls, so... desperate times.

Japanese Man Cut Cheating Wife’s Lover’s Penis Off & Flushed It Down the Toilet

There's mad, there's angry, there's pissed off ... and then there's JUST PLAIN CRAZY.

The Best Quotes from Jaden and Willow Smith’s Bizarre Interview with T Magazine

In a recent interview with the New York Times' T Magazine, Jaden Smith said his goal is to be "just the most craziest person...

Amanda Bynes Claims to Have an Eating Disorder in Bizarre Twitter Rant

Amanda Bynes is mad as hell and she's not gonna take it anymore! The former tween star, and current bat shit crazy person, is...

8-Year-Old African Boy Marries 61-Year-Old Woman Because His Dead Ancestor’s Ghost Told Him To

They say age ain't nothing but a number, but DAMN! This is really taking it to a totally new level. An 8-year-old schoolboy has...

Nigerian Man “Raped to Death” by Five of His Six Wives

According to multiple reports from foreign media outlets, a Nigerian husband of six was violently forced to have sex with five of his six...

Man Says His Penis Was Stolen While He Was Sleeping

Foreign media outlets are reporting on a bizarre story out of China, in which a man's penis was "stolen," while he slept. Wait ... what? According...

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