Amanda Bynes is mad as hell and she’s not gonna take it anymore! The former tween star, and current bat shit crazy person, is now infamous for two things, being an awful driver and tweeting the words of a clearly insane person (herself).

This time the 27-year-old is angry that news sites and blogs are using “bad” photos of her and she is “instructing” the media (ha! silly girl.) to only use photos that she’s posted on Twitter for any future reports about her.

We’d think that was a joke, considering she looks like a drugged out hippie mixed with something from the Jersey Shore in her Twitter photos, but since Bynes has pretty much gone insane within the last couple of years … she’s probably dead azz serious.

Another gem from the retired, then unretired, then back to retired actress’ head scratching musings is her claim that she has an eating disorder and therefore has a hard time losing weight.

Someone please take this chick’s internet access away!

Here’s to hoping she checks into rehab soon so we can at least be spared from having to hear about her bizzare rants for a bit. It’s starting to worry everyone to the point where we’re starting to almost feel bad about making fun of her. Just almost though.

For what it’s worth, these are the photos that Amanda has been posting to her Twitter feed that she wants the media to use from now on:

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