Meek Mill has offered an explanation as to why he only gave a group of Atlanta teens selling water $20.

In case you missed it, Meek caught backlash earlier this month for posting a video to his Instagram stories showing him giving 8 teens, known as the “water boys,” a single $20 bill to split amongst themselves … which amounts to $2.50 per person.

The incident sparked a debate online, with some people calling the rapper cheap (he was driving a $400K Rolls Royce, after-all) and others questioning why he was obligated to give them more money.

Meek responded to the critics at the time, saying: “They appreciated it. They just kids hustling.”

And now, he’s circled back to the subject, as evidenced during a recent Clubhouse chat in which he explained why he only gave the kids 20 bucks.

“I ain’t giving them bouls nothing, I know what they be on,” the 33-year-old rapper said. “I ain’t giving no young bouls no money to buy no weed. I got two f**kin’ kids in the house, I don’t play that sh**.”

He then talked about hustling as a kid in Philly, saying: “We came up pumping gas at the gas station, carrying old ladies’ bags, shoveling snow. I pulled up on them young bouls and give them game. I ain’t here to give out no f**king money.”

Meek went on: “People don’t have the common sense to say, ‘Damn, he did stop and pull up. They wasn’t even mad when we gave them the $20. The internet made them mad. If you look at the video, young boul said, ‘Thanks. I f**k with you.’ The internet made them mad.”

Meek Mill has had an interesting month on Clubhouse, to say the least. A few weeks back, he got into a heated back-and-forth with DJ Akademiks that went viral, and earlier this week, a conversation in a “Philly clubhouse” room took a turn for the worst when the rapper engaged in a shouting match with a Philadelphia-based rap artist named Omar Teagle Jr.

Meek called Teagle a “p**sy” and blasted Teagle for supposedly growing up in the suburbs of Delaware and being the son of a “rat.”

He also tried to get someone kicked out of the room for saying a $20,000 advance wasn’t a lot of money for a starting recording contract.

In that same room, Meek also brought up his ex Nicki Minaj, saying that he took issue with The Shade Room for a post pitting him against Nicki’s husband Kenneth Petty in a hypothetical boxing match.

“They had me up there—me vs. Nicki’s boyfriend,” Meek explained. “Nicki just had a f***ing baby. I just had a f***ing baby. Who’s responsible for this bulls***?”

He later apologized for his series of rants on the platform, writing on Twitter: “ima have a better reaction in 2021… I apologize when snap out sometimes ..then convos that stem from hatred, strike me hard from my upbringing! After that nip sh** my hatred level went up I’ma boss up leave it in 2020!”

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