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Air Force Veteran Who Had No Family Honored By Thousands of Strangers at His Funeral

72-year-old Joseph Walker, a United States Air Force veteran, died alone, but thousands of strangers made sure that he wasn't laid to rest alone. KCENTV...

Nurse Who Saved N.C. State Trooper Who Was Shot in the Face Says “God Put Me There for a Reason”

Law enforcement officials in North Carolina are praising Richardson for performing life-saving measures on an injured state trooper who had been shot in the face.

9-Year-Old Chicago Boy Who Went Missing After School Found Safe

Police said Michael stayed the night at a friend's house and was reunited with his family the next morning.

Cyntoia Brown Granted Clemency After Serving 15 Years of Life Prison Sentence for Killing Man Who Bought Her for Sex When She Was 16

Cyntoia Denise Brown, the woman who was sentenced to life in prison for killing a 43-year-old man who bought her for sex when she was 16 years old, has been granted an early release and is expected to be out of jail this summer.

15-Year-Old Girl Who Went Missing After Taking Out the Trash Found Safe and Sound

Good news! Amariona Mayfield, a Detroit teen who went missing after she took out the trash at her home has been found safe and sound by police.

Maxine Waters, As Head of Financial Services, Could Subpoena Donald Trump’s Tax Returns

Because the Democrats now control Congress, one of Trump's toughest critics—Maxine Waters—will likely be in charge of the House Financial Committee, which means that she would be able to subpoena Trump's bank records, his tax returns and anything else related to his finances.

Hallway Hilary Fired Over Viral Video Showing Her Stopping Black Man From Entering His Apartment Building

It turns out Hilary Brooke Thornton aka "Hallway Hilary" works at another apartment building, and management was far from pleased to learn that one of their employees was out here being racist.

Yella Beezy Released From the Hospital After Getting Shot at 12 Times in Drive-By Shooting on Texas Highway

Good news! Yella Beezy is at home recovering after being released from the hospital following his drive-by shooting incident.

White Man Who Shot at Black Teen Trying to Get Directions to School Found Guilty of Assault, Could Spend Up to 10 Years in Prison

Jeffrey Zeigler, a white man who shot at 14-year-old Brennan Walker, who was asking for directions, was found guilty of assault by a Michigan jury.

WATCH: Devyn Holmes, Man Shot on Facebook Live, Makes First Public Appearance Since Hospital Release

Devyn Holmes continues to be a living, breathing miracle after surviving being shot in the head earlier this year.

Sky From “Black Ink Crew” Shares Photos With Both of Her Sons on Instagram

It looks like everything is all good with Sky and her oldest son Genesis because she posted a series of photos on Instagram of her with both of her sons in the "Black Ink" shop in New York City.

Good News! Facebook Live Shooting Victim Devyn Holmes Is Talking, Family Says

It's been nearly a month since Devyn Holmes was shot in the head by a woman playing with a loaded gun during a live stream on Facebook, and his family says he recently spoke his first words since the incident.

Feel Good Story of The Day: FSU Football Player Enjoys Lunch With Autistic Boy Who Was Eating Alone

Keeping up with the news can be a depressing venture. It seems like anytime you browse the internet, watch news on the TV, or...

Vigilante Justice: Dylann Roof and George Zimmerman Both Beat Up in the Same Week

Dylann Roof and George Zimmerman both got what they deserved last week as the two of them were served healthy doses of some good...

Officer Tommy Norman Sets the Standard All Cops Should Aim to Achieve

In a week that has seen police kill and be killed, we need some good news. Officer Tommy Norman of the North Little Rock...

Taxi Driver Returns $187K in Found Cash, Proves He’s Better Than All of Us

What started as a normal day at the job for a Boston taxi cab driver ended up being a giant test of character. After dropping...

Identical Twin Sisters Take Bond to New Level by Giving Birth on Same Day at Exact Same Time

Like most twins, Sarah Mariuz and Leah Rodgers have always been tight, but their closeness took a WTF?! turn when each woman gave birth...

Homeless Prom Queen Graduates High School in 2 Years, Receives Full-Ride College Scholarship

Go ahead and get your tissues ready; this young lady’s story is sure to your eyes a little watery. 16-year-old Destyni Tyree maintained a 4.0...

Little Girl Whose Entire Family Was Killed in Fire Gets Her Christmas Wish and Then Some

A little girl whose father and three siblings were killed in an arson fire two years ago had one simple holiday wish, and after...