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Prince Philip, Husband of Queen Elizabeth, Dead at 99

Prince Philip, the husband of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, has died. He was 99 years old.

Mom Pays for Daughter’s Wedding, Goes on Honeymoon With Her & Gives Birth to Baby With Son-in-Law 9 Months Later

A UK woman whose husband left her to be with her mother says she will NEVER fully forgive her mom for not only taking her husband from her, but also getting pregnant by him and having his baby just nine months after their honeymoon, and on top of that, marrying him the day after what would have been their 1-year wedding anniversary.

Teen Obsessed With Social Media Kills Herself After Not Getting Enough Likes & Followers

A British teenager with an unhealthy addiction to social media took her own life after she was unable to gain a sizable following or get enough likes on her posts.

Dentist Suspended for 12 Months After Patient Bled to Death After Having 10 Teeth Pulled

A UK dentist has been suspended after one of his patients bled to death just hours after he finished pulling out her teeth.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Meet Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at “Lion King” Premiere in London

Beyoncé and Jay-Z were spotted chatting it up with The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) on the red carpet of the UK premiere of "The Lion King" in London.

26-Year-Old Pregnant Woman Stabbed to Death a Month Before Due Date, Baby in Critical Condition

Kellymary Fauvrelle, a 26-year-old pregnant woman from London, was stabbed and killed, but her baby miraculously survived the tragic incident and is fighting for their tiny little life in the hospital.

2-Week-Old Baby Hospitalized in Critical Condition After Alleged Rape By 25-Year-Old Man

A two-week-old baby is reportedly fighting for its tiny little life in the intensive care unit of a hospital after allegedly being raped, and the main suspect is a 25-year-old male.

Georgina Callander: First Manchester Terrorist Attack Victim Identified Was Ariana Grande “Super Fan”

Callander, 18, who is being described as a "super fan" of Ariana Grande, was killed along with 21 others in a bomb attack Monday night (May 22) after Grande's sold out concert for her "Dangerous Woman Tour" at the Manchester Arena.

Ariana Grande Manchester Concert Explosion: Things You Need to Know

At least 22 people are dead and dozens more are injured after a suicide bomber detonated an explosive in the moments following an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena in England. Here are some things you need to know.

“Hot Convict” Jeremy Meeks Deported From UK After Arriving in London for Week-Long Stint of Modeling Gigs

His criminal record apparently raised a red flag for UK border officials.

Drake Comes Face to Face with His R&B Dream Diva Sade

Sade, one of the biggest names in R&B, finally knows Drake's name and she's showing him some love.

Man Claims to Have Discovered Remains of “Dead Mermaid” on Beach

A UK man released photos recently of what he is claiming is the washed up corpse of a mermaid.

Watch Nicki Minaj Reluctantly Twerk for Eager Female Fan

Nicki Minaj has to have the thirstiest fans in the world. Nicki was performing in Nottingham, England on Wednesday (Apr 8) when a female fan...

Man Who Cut Off His Own Penis and Stabbed His Mom While on “Meow Mow” Drug Jailed for 16 Months

In December 2013, a UK man used a pair of scissors to chop his own penis off and stab his mom 11 times, all...

British Woman Loves Ketchup So Much She Consumes 104 Bottles Per Year

Most of us simply "like" ketchup, and some of us even "love" the red tomato stuff, but we don't think many people obsesses over...

Lindsay Lohan: I Will Never Live in L.A. Again, Hell No!

Lindsay Lohan is now living in London, far far away from the party scene and intense media scrutiny she suffered in Hollywood, and she...

British Woman Who Spent $30K to Look Like Kim Kardashian Now in Serious Debt

There are good ways to spend $30,000, like paying off student loans, your car note or even just putting some away for a rainy...

UK Teen Suffering from Cancer Dies After Raising Over $5 Million for Charity

A teenager from the UK who, despite being diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer, managed to raise more than $5.4 million in donations...

British Man’s Fear Of The Kardashians Causes Him To Break Out Into Cold Sweats

Most people who have phobias are usually afraid of spiders, clowns or even height. There are also people who are afraid of fruit. But...

Woman Finds Video of Boyfriend Having Sex with Her Dog on His Cell Phone

Women who go through their boyfriends' cell phones sometimes end up finding things that are unpleasant. But what one British woman found on her...

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