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Mom of 5 Flips Car with Her Kids Inside in Alleged Suicide Attempt on Facebook Live After Finding Out Her Boyfriend is Married

A Mississippi mother of five has gone viral on social media for all the wrong reasons after she went on Facebook Live and talked about committing suicide with her kids after finding out her boyfriend is married.

Texas Mom Arrested After Leaving 4 Kids Under the Age of 7, Including Twin Infants, Home Alone While She Got Her Hair Done

Texas mom Gabrielle Robertson has been arrested on several counts of child abandonment after leaving four children alone at home while she got her hair done.

North Carolina Father Charged with Murder After 3-Month-Old Son Dies From Injuries Caused by Abuse

20-year-old Brandon Scott McDaniel of Clemmons, NC has been charged with first-degree murder after police believe his 3-month-old son, Sloan McDaniel, died from abuse.

Florida Dad Arrested After Leaving Son on the Side of the Road Because He Thought He Was Gay

A Florida man has been arrested on child abuse charges after he left his juvenile son on the side of a highway after suspecting...

Milwaukee Dad Punches, Kills 5-Year-Old Son for Eating a Piece of His Father’s Day Cake

A Milwaukee man is facing serious charges after he punched and killed his 5-year-old son for eating a cake he received for Father's Day.

Shakayla Denson & Je’Hyrah Daniels: Mom Charged With Murder After Throwing 4-Year-Old Daughter in River

A 26-year-old mother was charged with murder after killing her 4-year-old daughter by throwing her in a river and letting her drown, police said.

Jordan Algee Jr: Fast Facts About 5-Month-Old Baby Kicked to Death by Mom’s Boyfriend After He Caught Her Texting Other Men

5-month-old Jordan Algee Jr. was pronounced dead after suffering blunt force trauma to his vital organs. The boyfriend of the child's mother later admitted to kicking the baby because he was angry after finding out his girlfriend (the child's mother) was texting other men. Here's what you need to know.

#ParentingFail: North Carolina Mom Arrested After Video Showing Baby Smoking Weed Goes Viral on Facebook

A North Carolina woman is facing serious charges after video footage of her infant baby smoking marijuana went viral on social media.

WATCH: Daughter Shows Parents Overdosed on Heroin in Facebook Live Video

Shocking video footage streamed on Facebook Live shows couple passed out after OD'ing on heroin as their teenage daughter tries to wake them up.

Worst Parents Ever Overdose on Heroin in Car With 4-Year-Old in Backseat

A city in Ohio is putting two parents on blast by posting photos of them overdosed on heroin in a car with a 4-year-old in the back seat. East Liverpool hopes to combat drug use and its effects by posting the graphic photos.

Dubai Police: Man Let Daughter Drown So She’s Not “Dishonored” by Male Lifeguards’ Touch

The job of a lifeguard is to save someone from drowning, however, the father of a 20-year-old woman didn't let a lifeguard in Dubai...

Police: Detroit Mom Made Daughter Put Dead Sister in Freezer

Just when you thought an already horrible story couldn't get any more horrible, it goes and gets more horrible. According to police records, the Detroit...

Two Kids Found Dead in Detroit Mom’s Deep Freezer

A Detroit mother was arrested Tuesday (Mar 24) after the frozen bodies of her son and daughter were found in a deep freezer inside...

New York Parents Left Their Four Children Home Alone for Six Days in Freezing Cold Weather, With No Food Or Heat?

Speaking of no good parents, allow us to introduce you to Tulio and Maria Ayala, two parents from Long Island, New York who were...

Florida Parents Almost Let Son Drown in Bathtub Because They Were Too Busy Having Sex

Two Florida "parents" (and we use that term VERY loosely...) are facing charges of child and abuse and child neglect for leaving their child...

Foster Parents Arrested After Police Find Boy Handcuffed to Porch with a Dead Chicken Around His Neck

The foster parents of an 11-year-old boy were arrested and have been charged with child abuse, false imprisonment and animal cruel after police found...

Father Used Dog Shock Collar on Son to Get Him to Do Chores

Police in Knoxville say a man was arrested and charged with child neglect for disciplining his 12-year-old son with the use of a dog...

Florida Mom Uses Baby As Human Shield While Fleeing Police

A Florida woman who walked out of a Dillard's with more than $200 worth of clothing hidden in a baby stroller is facing a...

Brittany Harris, aka Pretty Red, Abandons Her Children So She Can Attend a Lil’ Wayne Concert

Being a video ho is a perfectly acceptable career path, but trickin' for dollars doesn't excuse you from being a decent parent. Brittany Harris,...

Father of the Year: Orlando Shaw, Baby Daddy to 14 Women with 22 Kids

Just in time for Father's Day, a local Nashville CBS station catches up with serial sperm donor and father of 22 babies Orlando Shaw...

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