Just in time for Father’s Day, a local Nashville CBS station catches up with serial sperm donor and father of 22 babies Orlando Shaw outside of the courtroom as he prepares to attend a child support hearing. Lord Jesus, save the babies.

The interview, conducted by a patient newscaster, is an unvarnished look at reproduction gone wild. How in the hell can one man impregnate 14 different women, 22 times without anyone sitting this fool aside and saying, “Yo, put a rubber on it!”?

Who failed this young man in life? Who failed all of these WOMEN who lined up to have babies by a man with more than 10 children?

The best explanation Shaw is able to offer for his behavior is, “I was young. Ambitious. I was just young and ambitious and I loved women. Hey, you can’t knock no man for loving women.”

Ambitious? We must have different meanings of that word because I’d say he was more “reckless” than ambitious. Ambitious would’ve been him working three jobs to support his football team of kids. Not throwing his hands up and banking on the state of Tennessee to feed his babies.

“I can’t pay no child support right now, they know I can’t pay no child support right now. Why you think I’m out here mentoring and talking to kids and doing all this stuff,” he says.

Oh. Right. Because the man with an army of kids is the best person to guide other people’s children toward a path of enlightenment and success.

Black community, this is what happens when you put serial baby daddies like Lil Wayne on a pedestal. Life starts to imitate art.


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