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“Absent Father” Tristan Thompson Barely Sees His First-Born Child, 17-Month-Old Son Prince (Report)

Prince Thompson is just 17-months old and is Tristan’s son with ex Jordan Craig. A close friend to Craig claims that Craig is basically raising her son alone. “Tristan is pretty much an absent father,” the source said.

Deadbeat Daddy: Kirk Frost Ignores Kannon’s First Birthday, Jasmine Washington Ready to Prove He’s the Father

Sources say Jasmine was heartbroken that Kirk couldn’t spare even a small amount of time for Kannon on his first birthday.

Father of the Year: Orlando Shaw, Baby Daddy to 14 Women with 22 Kids

Just in time for Father's Day, a local Nashville CBS station catches up with serial sperm donor and father of 22 babies Orlando Shaw...

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