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Madonna Goes Viral After Solving Racism With Video of Her Black Son David Dancing to Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us”

As we all deal with the devastating effects of racial injustice following the recent death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers, Madonna has taken it upon herself to singlehandedly solve the issue of racism.

50 Cent Responds to Paris Jackson Defending Her Dad: No One Cares About How the Little Boys’ Butts Feel?

50 Cent and Paris Jackson exchanged words on social media over 50 Cent recently stating his opinion that Chris Brown is better than Michael Jackson

50 Cent Says Chris Brown is Better Than Michael Jackson, Can’t Believe MJ “Wanted to Touch Little Boys Booty”

50 Cent says there's a new King of Pop in town, and his name is Chris Brown.

R. Kelly Wants to Hire Michael Jackson’s Lawyer to Fight Sex Abuse Allegations, But His Bank Account Won’t Let Him

R. Kelly is reportedly seeking the services of Michael Jackson's former lawyer to help him beat his own sex crimes cases. The only problem is that the disgraced singer can't afford it because he's broke.

Michael Jackson’s Children Privately Honor 10th Anniversary of His Death as Media Mostly Ignores the Day

The 10th anniversary of Michael Jackson's unexpected passing (Jun. 25) came and went without much attention from mainstream media. The allegations made in the documentary...

“Leaving Neverland” Director Admits There Are Holes in Michael Jackson Accuser’s Story

Dan Reed, the director of the controversial "Leaving Neverland" documentary, has admitted that one claim made by one of the men accusing Michael Jackson of sexual abuse may be inaccurate.

UPDATE: Paris Jackson Denies Suicide Attempt Reports, Calls TMZ “F**king Liars”

Paris Jackson was rushed to the hospital on Saturday (Mar. 16) after she attempted suicide ... and sources say that had something to do with the drama surrounding the "Leaving Neverland" documentary.

The Most Shocking & Disturbing Things We Learned About Michael Jackson (Allegedly) in Part 1 of “Leaving Neverland”

The new HBO documentary unleashes a tsunami of jarring, graphic accusations that will force everyone to re-examine who they thought the King of Pop really was.

Annie Are You OK? Taraji P. Henson Compares Herself to Michael Jackson in Hilarious Makeup Selfie

When Taraji P. Henson shared a post-makeup selfie on Instagram, fans immediately noticed something was "different." She looked like Michael Jackson!

Stephanie Mills Dragged Sam Smith to Wakanda & Back for Michael Jackson Diss

Protip: If you are a somewhat popular singer, it would be in your best interests to never come for a legend like Michael Jackson. Apparently, British singer Sam Smith didn't get the memo.

Joh’Vonnie Jackson: Michael & Janet’s Half-Sister Discusses Complicated Family Relationship in Memoir “Bastard Child” (VIDEO)

Did you know Michael Jackson, Janet, and the rest of the Jackson kids have a half-sibling? Joh’Vonnie Jackson is Joseph Jackson’s youngest child from a 25-year long affair and she’s telling her story in her memoir, "Bastard Child."

Madonna Brags About Outliving Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston & Prince During Woman of the Year Speech

Madonna is out here grinning from ear-to-ear like she outwitted, outlasted and outplayed these icons in a celebrity edition of Survivor.

Michael Jackson’s Secret Child Porn Collection Uncovered in Newly Released Police Report

A shocking police report regarding the 2003 raid of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch has surfaced. According to the report, Jackson’s secret collection of child...

Nick Cannon Says Chris Brown Is Michael Jackson & Tupac Combined

Nick Cannon just gave Chris Brown the highest form of praise. The actor/comedian wrote a long lengthy post on Instagram comparing Chris to Michael Jackson...

Jay Z Joins Instagram, Tributes Michael Jackson, Then Deletes the Account

Jay Z continues to show us that he gives no fawks about social media. Over the weekend, Jay finally gave in and made an Instagram...

Adrien Broner Wants to Smack Tupac and Michael Jackson in Heaven

Adrien Broner is the most ignorant person to ever live, but we figured you already knew that. In a bizarre video that he posted to...

2 Chainz’s “Freebase” Video Pays Homage to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

2 Chainz recreates Michael Jackson's iconic "Thriller" video in his own video for "Freebase." While Uncle Tity Boi may not have been the first artist...

Conrad Murray Has Been Released From Jail and Wants A Reality Show

Conrad Murray has been released from jail and is already working to get his life and career back together. Michael Jackson's last physician is attempting to...

Is Timbaland Working On A Michael Jackson Project?

First off, everyone shamon and wish Michael Jackson a happy damn birthday in heaven or soul heaven or pop new universe or wherever he...

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