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Wisconsin Woman Arrested After Setting Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Car on Fire

Kelly S. Hayes of Madison, Wisconsin was arrested after she set her ex-boyfriend's car on fire in an incident that was captured on video and went viral on social media.

R. Kelly’s Ex-Girlfriend Azriel Clary Says Someone Set Her Car on Fire & Tried to Burn Her House Down

R. Kelly's ex-girlfriend Azriel Clary claims she was the victim of an arson attack that completely destroyed her car and could have burned her house down.

Mugshot Madness: Florida Woman Set on Fire at Taco Bell By Man Who Identifies As Female

Tallahassee police say a biological male who identifies as a female was arrested last week after walking into a Taco Bell, pouring gasoline on a woman and then setting her fire.

Side Chick Stood Up on 4 A.M. Booty Call Tried to Kill Man by Setting His House on Fire

A New Jersey woman is facing some pretty serious charges after police say she tried to kill a man who stood her up on a late-night booty call by setting his house on fire.

3-Year-Old Dies in Car Fire in Texas, Dad Detained for Questioning

Police in Plainview, Texas say a 3-year-old child died in a car fire Friday afternoon (Aug. 16), and the child's father has been detained for questioning.

Fire Destroys West Virginia Church, Bibles & Crosses Inside Building Unharmed

A West Virginia church burned to the ground early Sunday Morning (Mar. 3), and firefighters were shocked by what they found when they entered the building after putting the flames out. Not a single Bible or cross inside the Freedom Ministries Church, located in Grandview, W.V., was touched.

Keith Caneiro & Family Killed Prior to New Jersey Mansion Fire, Keith’s Brother Charged With Setting Own House on Fire With Wife & Kids Inside

According to police, Keith Caneiro and his family were murdered prior to the family. Meanwhile, Paul Caneiro, Keith's brother, has been charged with setting his own house on fire 12 miles away. No arrests have been made related to Caneiro family homicide yet.

FAKE NEWS ALERT: No, a Man Did NOT Accidentally Burn His House Down After Setting Nike Shoes on Fire

A story about a man who accidentally burned his house down after setting his Nike shoes on fire in protest over the company's ties with Colin Kaepernick is 100% fake news.

Bronx, New York Apartment Fire: Photos & Videos From the Scene

At least 12 people are dead and 15 others were injured following an apartment fire Thursday night (Dec. 28) in the Bronx borough of...

5-Year-Old Girl Saved Her Blind Grandmother From a House Fire

A 5-year-old Louisiana girl is being praised as a hero after she used a lesson she learned at school to help save her and her blind grandmother from a house fire.

“Twerk Fail” Video: Girl Catches on Fire While Twerking

Now that Miley Cyrus has gone and made "twerking" a household name in mainstream America, everybody (and yes, their mamas too) wants to do...

Brazil Nightclub Fire That Killed Over 200 People Caused By Penny-Pinching Band

A horrible, horrible decision made on behalf of the band that was playing the night a fire ripped through a Brazilian nightclub earlier this...

Tyler Perry’s Atlanta Studio Complex Catches on Fire After Huge Explosion

Tyler Perry's massive studio complex in Atlanta caught on fire Tuesday night (May 1). Officials say over it took over 100 firefighters and at least...

Man Asks for His Girlfriend’s Hand in Marriage Before Bursting into Flames [VIDEO]

http://embed.5min.com/517240922/ Out of all the crazy proposals we've ever seen.....this one really tops the list. A man proposes to his girlfriend then all of a sudden...

Brooklyn Man Set Elderly Woman on Fire and Burned Her to Death in Elevator Over Unpaid Debt

A man who was captured by video surveillance cameras as he attacked an elderly woman coming out of an elevator by setting her on...

Exploding Dessert Injures Four at Florida Restaurant

Four people will never be able to look at an ice cream sundae the same way ever again... Four recent patrons of Palm Harbor, Florida's...

Pure Craziness: Fireworks Set 5-Star, 70-Story Luxury Hotel in China ON FIRE!!!

When playing with fireworks in China goes wrong.... Read the full story below: A fire set off by fireworks to celebrate the Lunar New Year destroyed...

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