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McNasty! McDonald’s Worker Caught Digging in Her Butt While Working Drive-Thru

A photo of a South Carolina McDonald's worker digging in her butt while working the drive-thru has gone viral on social media.

Oh Hell Nah: Viral Video Shows Rat Trapped Inside MetroCard Machine’s Change Dispenser

Video footage showing a fairly large rat trapped in the change and receipt dispenser of an MTA MetroCard vending machine has gone viral on social media.

Excuse Me While I Throw Up: Sonic Is Selling Pickle Juice Slushies

Pickles are meant for burgers and sub sandwiches, Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches, salads and sometimes fresh out of the jar. But definitely not in a slushy!

San Diego Chargers’ Masturbating Security Guard Under Criminal Investigation

A video posted on Facebook showing a stadium security guard masturbating near cheerleaders has gone viral. Click to watch at your own discretion.

Buffalo Wild Wings Serves Chicken Head to NFL Player Jared Cook, Ruins Wings for Everyone

According to Cook, the chicken “wing” had “tongue, eyes, and beak all present. With extra seasoning.”

Jenna Shea Says Tyga Gave Her A Bladder Infection

"Model" Jenna Shea (known for sleeping with rappers like Lil Wayne, Fabolous, French Montana, Yung Berg, Soulja Boy, etc.) recently stopped by Shade 45...

LeBron James’ Scary-Looking Feet, Jacked Up Toes Go Viral

LeBron James is a phenomenal basketball player, with two back-to-back championship titles under his belt so far, but it looks like all of those...

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Star Benzino’s Nude Selfie Pic Hits the Internet

On the list of things you never want to see in your life, Benzino naked is probably up there among other things like "seeing...

Subway Workers Fired Over Disgusting Penis Bread, Frozen Urine Instagram Photos

Two Subway employees from Ohio were fired this week after they posted a series of gross photos on Instagram showing the "sandwich artists" violating...

Did Will Smith Try to Tongue Down His Son Jaden on Thai TV?

It is my personal belief that Will Smith is entering his Tom Cruise crazy stage. His latest interview may or may not confirm this....

Love & Hip Hop Star Rich Dollaz’s Nude Pics Leak, The Internet Laughs and Recoils in Horror

Why is it that when celebrity nudes leak, it's never the nudes of the attractive stars that you actually want to see naked? Well,...

Damn, She’s A Sexy Chick: Boy Admits To Having Sex With Chickens

They say that love knows no age, color or even gender. But surely it knows species. One 15-year-old Nicaraguan boy has been taking his mother's...

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