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Orlando Brown Gives Testimony in Church About Quitting Drugs & Turning to God

Orlando Brown says he's done with drugs and is ready to give his life to God.

Virginia Pastor Who Dissed Quarantine & Held Packed Church Services Dies of Coronavirus

Bishop Gerald O. Glenn—pastor of New Deliverance Evangelistic Church in Richmond, Virginia—died of COVID-19 just weeks after he proudly showed off how packed his services were and vowed to keep preaching "unless I'm in jail or the hospital," despite self-isolation recommendations from government officials amid the global pandemic.

Florida Megachurch Pastor Arrested for Holding 2 Large Sunday Services Defying “Safer At Home” Order

The pastor of a megachurch in Tampa Bay, Florida has been arrested after he broke the law by hosting not just one, but TWO packed out services on Sunday (Mar. 29), deliberately defying the law amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Minister Performed Oral Sex on Men to Suck Evil Spirits Out Through Their Penis in Bizarre Exorcism Ritual

A 69-year-old Presbyterian minister in New Jersey is accused of performing oral sex on men in a bizarre exorcism ritual in which he claimed to suck "evil spirits" out of them through their penises.

One Person Dead, Six Injured in Mass Shooting Near Baltimore Church

One person is dead and six others were injured in a mass shooting near a church in Baltimore, Maryland.

California Synagogue Shooting Leaves 1 Dead, 3 Injured; 19-Year-Old Suspect Taken Into Custody

A shooting at a Southern California synagogue Saturday (Apr. 27) left at least one person dead and several others injuries, police said, and a 19-year-old suspect has been taken into custody for questioning.

Pastor John Gray Criticized for Wearing $4K Sneakers in Pulpit: “Jesus Walked Around in Sandals”

Naturally, anyone who has ever paid tithes at church is bound to question why a person leading a congregation is wearing shoes worth thousands of dollars.

Oh, Really? Pastor Who Bought His Wife a $200K Lambo Begs Church Members for $250K for Roof Repairs

Pastor John Gray bought his wife a $200,000 Lamborghini as an anniversary gift. Now he needs $250,000 to fix his church's roof, and he's asking members of his congregation to help him foot the bill.

Fire Destroys West Virginia Church, Bibles & Crosses Inside Building Unharmed

A West Virginia church burned to the ground early Sunday Morning (Mar. 3), and firefighters were shocked by what they found when they entered the building after putting the flames out. Not a single Bible or cross inside the Freedom Ministries Church, located in Grandview, W.V., was touched.

Sutherland Springs, Texas Church Shooting: Fast Facts to Know

More than 20 people are dead and dozens more have been injured following a mass shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas Sunday morning (Nov. 5).

Pastor Arrested for Shooting & Killing Man During Church Service Over Alleged Affair with His Wife

A Detroit pastor could face serious charges for killing a member in his congregation. According to Fox 2 Detroit, 25-year-old Deante Smith went to the...

Creflo Dollar Wants You to Pay for His $60 Million Private Jet

Creflo Dollar, an Atlanta-based televangelist and the pastor/founder of World Changers Church International, needs a shiny new private jet to aid him in spreading...

Creflo Dollar Denies Punching and Choking Daughter; Says “I Should Have Never Been Arrested”

Atlanta megachurch Pastor Creflo Dollar was arrested and charged with simple battery, family violence and cruelty to children Friday (Jun 8) after the 50-year-old...

Indiana Church Getting Death Threats After “Ain’t No Homos Gonna Make It To Heaven” Video Goes Viral

A video of a 3-year-old boy proudly singing a homophobic song with the line "Ain't no homos gonna make it to heaven" at a...

Alain de Botton is Building an “Atheist Church” in the UK

A guy named Alain de Botton -- who is an accomplished atheist author -- has come up with the bright idea to start an...

Dead Body Found Outside South Carolina Church the Morning After Christmas!

The Greenville County (South Carolina) coroner says that a local man's body was found near the front steps of a church early Monday morning...

Bishop Eddie Long Taking a Leave of Absence from New Birth

Bishop Eddie Long announced to a packed house during his weekly sermon on Sunday morning that he will be "taking time off" from his...

Pure Irony: Roman Catholic Church Pedophile Investigator Caught with Child Porn

Talk about leading by example. Or not. A 49-year-old married father of four, who was in charge of investigating the infamous sexual abuse allegations in...

R&B Singer Tases Pastor After Deacon Stabs His Mom … IN CHURCH!

You can say good-bye to feeling safe in the church anymore ... well at least at this one. An R&B singer and his mother were...

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