A guy named Alain de Botton — who is an accomplished atheist author — has come up with the bright idea to start an “atheist church.” (Huh?)

A collaboration with Tom Greenall Architects, the structure will be built in the City of London.

Dedicated to the idea of perspective, the black tower will scale 46 meters (150 ft), with each centimeter honoring earth’s age of 4.6 billion years, notes Wired.

But a place of worship isn’t the only attribute from organized religion that Atheists can benefit from, says de Botton. In his newly released book “Religion For Atheists,” the author points to design, art and community to inspire and attract a following.

Though de Botton has yet to announce a final date for opening the temple, he hopes to create a network of such buildings across the U.K.


A “church” for atheists to convene and practice “atheism” with each other? That has got to be one of the dumbest things we have EVER heard!

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