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Black Woman Says Donald Trump’s Racist Rhetoric is Making Her White Husband Hate Her

"My white Republican husband is starting to hate me because the longer we live through this administration the 'BLACKER' I become," wrote a heartbroken Mississippi woman on Twitter.

Democrats Win Control of the House of Representatives, Republicans Take Senate

The Democrats have taken control of the House of Representatives while Republicans will control the Senate, NBC News reports.

Well, Damn: John McCain Doesn’t Want Donald Trump at His Funeral

Senator John McCain is dying of brain cancer, and he's reportedly made it crystal clear that there is one person who he does NOT want to attend his funeral: President Donald J. Trump.

Amazon Best-Seller “Reasons To Vote For Democrats” Is a Complete Rip-Off of Another “Book”

"Why Trump Deserves Trust, Respect and Admiration" by David King did the exact same thing before having his idea stolen by Michael J. Knowles.

Hillary Clinton Lost the Election Because Millions of Democrats Did Not Vote

Hillary Clinton didn't lose the election because Republicans grew their base. She lost because the Democrats chose not to vote this year, compared to the previous two elections, in which Democrats came out in much larger numbers to support Obama.

Inauguration Day 2017: When Will President-Elect Donald Trump Be Sworn Into Office?

Before President-elect Donald Trump can begin his task of "Making America Great Again," he and his VP, Mike Pence, have to be officially sworn into office on Inauguration Day, which will be on Friday, January 20th 2017.

Colin Powell Is the Only Republican Speaking the Truth, Calls Donald Trump a “National Disgrace” in Leaked Emails

Colin Powell just might be the only Republican making sense in this bizarre presidential election.

Historically Black Church Endorses Donald Trump With Guidance from Omarosa

Now, I’ve seen it all! Shockingly, it seems reality show villain, Omarosa Manigault, as the Director of African-American Outreach for Donald Trump’s campaign is...

Clint Eastwood Rails Against Political Correctness, Urges People to “Get Over” Donald Trump’s Racism

Another old white man is trying to tell minorities what is and what isn’t racist. Unfortunately, that “old white man” happens to be Hollywood...

Watch: Melania Trump Plagiarized Michelle Obama (and Rick Astley?) in Her RNC Speech

Melania Trump, Donald’s third wife and former model, has largely been kept out of the spotlight during his presidential run. In an interview with...

Stephen Colbert Crashed RNC Stage as Caesar Flickerman From the Hunger Games and Mocked Donald Trump

The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert, made famous on The Daily Show and his spinoff The Colbert Report, is no stranger to political satire. He mastered...

Donald Trump Wants America to Know He Has a Big Dick

Just when you think you've seen and/or heard it all from Donald Trump, he goes and proves you absolutely wrong. At the beginning of the...

Jeb Bush Drops Out of GOP Presidential Race

Jeb!'s attempt at becoming the next President of the United States is officially over.

Jon Stewart Has Been Blasting the “Zebra Queef” Republicans All Week Over Government Shutdown

Our favorite person on TV Jon Stewart has been letting the Republicans HAVE IT all week on the "Daily Show." After a three-month absence, Jon...

Republicans Are Suddenly Feeling A Lot More Cooperative After The Election

For the past four years, the Republican party has been the party of NO. They've thrown up every roadblock possible on the president's initiatives...

60 Moving Images of White People Mourning Mitt Romney

For most, President Barack Obama's second election victory this past Tuesday night (Nov 6) was a happy and momentous occasion. Unfortunately that wasn't the...

Mitt Romney’s Friend Richard Mourdock Claims Rape Is God Ordained

What the hell is it with Republicans and rape?! First, Missouri Republican Todd Akin landed in hot water for claiming that "legitimate rape" would...

Wealthy CEO Threatens to Fire Employees If President Obama Is Re-Elected

Heard about the multi-millionaire CEO who is building the largest house in America, and told his employees in a lengthy e-mail that he was...

Clint Eastwood’s Crazy Old Man Speech at the Republican National Convention Is Must-See TV

Thursday night at the Republican National Convention was supposed to be GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's night, but crazy old man Clint Eastwood stood...

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