Thursday night at the Republican National Convention was supposed to be GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney‘s night, but crazy old man Clint Eastwood stood his thunder in a hilariously unscripted, rambling 10-minute-plus senior citizen moment.

Eastwood, who is 82 years old, got on stage and began his speech by pointing out that there are indeed conservatives in Hollywood.

Okay. Thanks for the newsflash there, Clint. This is a bit like coming on stage and saying there are gay people singing in the church choir. It’s not really a secret, but okay, we’ll indulge.

He then proceeds to have a long, disjointed discussion with his chair, which is supposedly occupied by an invisible Barack Obama.

So for half of Eastwood’s speech, he has his face turned to the side of the crowd as he carries on a conversation with the invisible commander in chief in that empty chair.

Not even SNL could have come up with great live television to compete with this.

Watch Clint Eastwood’s wacky speech from the RNC below:

You know what’s even scarier? This crazy old man is set to direct Beyonce in a remake of the movie A Star Is Born.

We can only imagine how it’ll turn out at this point.

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