A series of tweets from a Black woman confessing that Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric was ruining her interracial marriage went viral over the weekend.

“My white Republican husband is starting to hate me because the longer we live through this administration the ‘BLACKER’ I become,” wrote a heartbroken Mississippi woman on Twitter.

“Any interracially and opposing politically affiliated couples going through this?” she asked. “Like … I have NO idea how to balance who we are..or are becoming.”


Under the username Glass Butterfly, the woman went on to share the many challenges she’s going through within her marriage, thanks to Trump emboldening racism.

“I fake dreaded my hair…I wear African garb….I talk about the GOOD FIGHT,” she said. “I’m the LAST person he wants to be involved with. If this is a test…HE is failing miserably.”

The woman continued: “What’s weird…everything I do for him and our household is starting to be followed by derogatory comments towards me and I’m starting to feel like I’m sucking MASSA’S d**k so I won’t get 40 lashings. And I start to think is it the right media or has this always been who he is”

Glass Butterfly’s initial tweet (which has since been deleted) spawned thousands of retweets and hundreds of comments from a variety of people, ranging from those sympathetic to her dilemma to those who basically told her she knew what she was getting into when she married a conservative white man.

“You married a white Republican. What did you expect?” wrote one Twitter user.

Another user commented: “Excuse me sis? You’re still with him? I’m confused, where’s [your] self worth?”

Another wrote: “Okay first thought. Why did you marry a white republican? Second thought he was a racist regardless of Trump. Perhaps he just wanted to own a black wife. Crude I’m sure but something to think about.”

The various Twitter responses prompted Glass Butterfly to come back the next day and continue her thoughts.

“I didn’t realize this tweet would get this much attention…” she wrote. “Thank you all for your advice and love. It made me cry. I’m trying to come to terms with who my husband really is and it hurts, it’s hard and I’m confused.”

She continued: “The hate is REALLY REAL out here..so is the LOVE. I said my ‘White Republican Husband’ didn’t call him a MAGAT! But complicity to me is the same thing.

“Until the GOP constituents take their head out the sand and stop believing 45s lives he’s gonna continue to separate not only Children at the border…but also American families who identify as Dems and Republicans.

She concluded: “According to this tweet I’m not the only one going through having a divisive home. I don’t think my husband hates me but it’s how he makes me feel when he says certain things and because He’s not the greatest communicator…I’m left with just my feelings.

“I love him…I know he loves me and for the black delegation with all the hate spewing…shame on you and I’ll be praying goodness eventually find your heart. This world is filled with too much hate already!”

Judging by most of the Twitter reactions on Glass Butterfly’s thread, her message was received loud and clear by those in situations similar to hers.

“Thank you for this truth, sis,” wrote one fellow Black woman married to a White Republican man. “From us. For real, even the fact that you said something… wow. I want you to know I get it.

“We’re newlyweds and really are enjoying every part of each other [except] politically,” Desiree Muffin shared. “And it’s still not that bad. But there are definitely parts I think neither one of us planned on. The current culture is forcing everyone’s hand.”

“Thank you sis!!” Glass Butterfly replied. “All relationships are hard…takes work. This is just one arena where it takes a lil overtime. Blessings to you and your union.”

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