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Chief Keef’s Baby Mama Slim Danger Says Odell Beckham Jr. “Loves to Be Sh**ted On” During Sex & Requested Photo of Her Pooping on the Toilet

In an interview hosted by Insta-slores Celina Powell on Adam 22's No Jumper podcast, Chief Keef's baby mama Slim Danger claims Odell "loves to be sh**ted on."

McNasty! McDonald’s Worker Caught Digging in Her Butt While Working Drive-Thru

A photo of a South Carolina McDonald's worker digging in her butt while working the drive-thru has gone viral on social media.

Florida Woman Caught on Surveillance Video Peeing Into Ice Cream Bucket & Spitting on Ice Cream

66-year-old Jung Soon Wypcha was arrested after she was caught on surveillance video at a local ice cream shop spitting in ice cream, picking her nose and touching the ice cream, and urinating in a bucket used to churn ice cream, forcing the shop to close for several days.

YouTuber Shane Dawson Denies Having Sex With His Cat, Videos Show Him Getting Intimate With Dogs

Shane Dawson said he never had sex with his cat, but what about these videos of him making out with dogs?

Nah Fam, This Ain’t It: Lil Pump Posts Video of Porn Star Riley Reid Smoking a Blunt From His Feet & Licking His Toes

Lil Pump grossed his 1.2 million Twitter followers out late Friday night (Feb. 22) after he posted a video of a woman smoking a blunt from his feet and licking on his toes.

Ya Nasty! Kentucky Siblings Indicted on Incest Charges After Having Hillbilly Brother-Sister Sex

27-year-old Derrick Lee Clarke and his 28-year-old sister, D'Nea G. Stephens, both form Leitchfield, Kentucky, were recently indicted on incest charges after they were caught having sex with each other.

WATCH: R. Kelly Gets Sexual on Stage & Rubs Fan’s Phone on His Sweaty Crotch Amid Sex Cult Allegations

R. Kelly isn't letting a little thing like sex cult allegations stop him from bumpin' and grindin' on stage.

High School Boys Fed Baked Turnover With Semen Frosting to Female Teacher

If you thought someone spitting in your food was gross, just wait until you hear what two high school students did to their home economics teacher.

South Carolina Man Arrested For Taking A Sh*t In Hotel Lobby

South Carolina police arrested a man for taking a big ol' dump in the middle of a hotel lobby floor. According to reports, 31-year-old Ronnie...

Wendy’s Customer Finds Half-Smoked Weed Blunt in Burger

A Wendy's employee was recently arrested and fired from her job for leaving a half-smoked weed blunt in a customer's cheeseburger. 32 year-old Amy Seiber...

LeBron James’ Scary-Looking Feet, Jacked Up Toes Go Viral

LeBron James is a phenomenal basketball player, with two back-to-back championship titles under his belt so far, but it looks like all of those...

Subway Workers Fired Over Disgusting Penis Bread, Frozen Urine Instagram Photos

Two Subway employees from Ohio were fired this week after they posted a series of gross photos on Instagram showing the "sandwich artists" violating...

Mr. Marcus Says He Didn’t Mean to Infect the Porn Industry with Syphilis

Earlier this month, porn star Mr. Marcus was sentenced to 30 days in jail for knowingly infecting a sex partner with an STD. The...

Farrah Abraham Sees Nothing Wrong with Her Fetish for Anal Sex

Farrah Abraham is on the TMI train and she's decided there's no way she's jumping off anytime soon. Not content with already embarrassing the hell...

Florida Woman Threw 8-Inch Kitchen Knife at Her Boyfriend After He Farted in Her Face

Florida man isn't the only one causing trouble in The Sunshine State. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Florida WOMAN, and she's just as dangerous/crazy as...

Burger King Admits To Selling Hamburger Patties Containing Horse Meat

If you're a fast food lover, stop reading now! Popular fast food chain Burger King has admitted to using horse meat and other non-approved...

Jason London Says He Was “Brutally Attacked” by Bodyguards; Denies “Doing the Crap” Reported

The saga surrounding "Dazed & Confused" actor Jason London’s arrest earlier this week just keeps getting crazier and crazier. Yesterday, pictures were released by...

KFC Customer Finds Tiny Brain (Or Kidney?) In His Fried Chicken

Fair warning: If you read the rest of this, you will probably never want to eat at KFC ever again. And eating fried chicken...

Damn, She’s A Sexy Chick: Boy Admits To Having Sex With Chickens

They say that love knows no age, color or even gender. But surely it knows species. One 15-year-old Nicaraguan boy has been taking his mother's...

Mr. Marcus Apologizes for Infecting the Porn Industry with Syphilis

Porn star Mr. Marcus admits that he could be responsible for the recent STD scare that has shut down the porn industry in San...

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