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Odell Who? College Freshman Makes Unreal One-Handed Catch (WATCH)

Sure, it was in practice, but no one can deny that this is one of the best catches they’ve ever seen.

#InTrumpsNFL Surfaces On Twitter, Scares Football Fans Everywhere

The trending hashtag has people weighing in on what the state of football would look like if Donald Trump was running the show. And let's just say it ain't pretty.

Russell Simmons Offers Broncos’ Brandon Marshall Endorsement Deal Amid National Anthem Protest

Simmons, who is an activist fighting for equal treatment himself, called Marshall a “great American hero.”

Watch: Antonio Brown Pulls a McCringleberry, Gets Penalty for Twerking in the Endzone

Following a TD reception from Ben Roethlisberger, Brown decided to celebrate in the endzone by busting out his twerking skills.

College Football Week 1 Mayhem: Late Hits, Suspensions and Errant Passes

It’s official...football is back! Last weekend marked the return of football with the greatest opening weekend of college football ever. And it didn’t disappoint.

NFL Concussion Victims Still Waiting for $1 Billion Payout

Last year, Will Smith played Dr. Bennet Omalu in the movie Concussion. It chronicled the doctor’s findings that concussions in football players causes a...

NY Jets Quarterback Geno Smith Says He Has Zero Friends

New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith hasn’t had the best of luck in his NFL career. In his three years in the league, the...

Los Angeles Rams Player William Hayes Says Mermaids Are Real and Dinosaurs Are Fake

Living in Los Angeles for three years, I always loved that I could go out on the weekend and watch an NBA, NHL, MLB,...

Twitter Wins Big in Exclusive Deal With NFL to Live-Stream Thursday Night Football

If you’re like me, football season can’t get here soon enough. Summer has always been a tough part of the year for sports fans...

The Arena Football League Wants Troublemaker Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel has had a rough week. From announcing his sobriety to partying in Cabo and ultimately being suspended from the NFL, it’s safe...

Andrew Luck’s $140 Million Contract is the Biggest in NFL History

Insiders have been awaiting the announcement since February, when owner Jim Irsay promised a "shocking" contract for his franchise quarterback. And boy, he did not disappoint. The Colts QB now has the biggest contract in NFL history.

Watch: Batman Defends Tom Brady with 18 F**ks, 3 Sh*ts, and 1 A**

New Batman actor, writer and director Ben Affleck recently joined Bill Simmons on his new HBO show Any Given Wednesday when the topic of...

Cam Newton Scolded for Walking Out of Super Bowl Postgame Press Conference

Cam Newton was clearly not in the mood to talk to the press after the Carolina Panthers' devastating 24-10 loss to the Denver Broncos...

Dexter Manley Apologizes for Saying Black Quarterbacks Are Used to Running from the Police

Dexter Manley, a former Washington Redskins defensive end, came under fire last weekend after he made some incredibly racist remarks regarding black quarterbacks.

This Little 9-Year-Old Girl Plays Football Better Than The Boys

Who run the world? Apparently little girls who play football! Say hello to little Sam Gordon, a 9-year-old girl playing quarterback for the Salt...

Michael Vick Signs $100 Million Deal with the Philadelphia Eagles

In an incredible comeback for controversial NFL star Michael Vick, the 31-year-old football player has landed himself a major $100 million 6-year deal to...

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